No Man’s Sky – How to Find Sentinel Freighter in Space for Combat (Interceptor Update)

This is how I found the sentinel freighter for combat in space in the new Interceptor update, hope this helps you!

Guide to Find Sentinel Freighter in Space for Combat

The steps I took to find sentinel freighter in NMS Interceptor update

This probably has more than one approach, but here goes what worked for me.

First I already have found the dissonant system (even more than one) and dissonant planets, where I fought many new sentinels and collected the resonator for the harmonic base (found 2 in total, many battles). So at this stage I had collected 3 new sentinel ships, a new gun and the new Aeron Turbojet backpack.

Not sure if you need go through all the the above but that was the order that worked for me.

Once I was in my new sentinel ship I follow the steps:

  • Warp into another dissonant system (Calypso galaxy have plenty).
  • Find another dissonant planet.
  • Fly into this planet and start shooting a new group of sentinels.
  • Once they are engage in attack, jump back into your ship and navigate back into space.
  • This will make many groups of singles, doubles and trios of sentinels to attack you, be prepared!
  • Once many waves of attacks happen, the new sentinel freighter will spawn!
  • Be ready for them, it will take many, many more waves of sentinel ships attacking you while you try to shoot the sentinel freighter.

It will make a countdown from 100% until 0% to be considered defeated and this will take a while.

During this time you will be hammered with attacks, be sure to have plenty of resources with you to fix your ship. Good Luck!

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