STAR WARS Empire at War: Gold Pack – How to Increase Space Unit Cap (Super Easy)

How to quickly increase space battle unit cap on any empire at war overhaul mod* (No coding or software downloads required) Super easy!

Tired of Low Unit Pop Caps on Your Favourite Mods?

This guide will show you how to Super easily and quickly modify your unit cap on any mod for any faction without needing to download anything, use any software other then windows notepad, and can be done within a a minute or two. You don’t need to create a mod, or spend hours writing any code whatsoever, all you need is to change one number in one file within the mod files.

Finished product:

(I changed my unit cap to 650, but you could change it to 500, 1000, 2000…)

But Wait!

Before you race off looking down below here’s a few important things to keep in mind.

  • Do Not attempt this while the game is currently open/running, only edit game/mod files when you are not playing the game.
  • This should work with any overhaul mod for EAT, I’ve tested this on Thrawns Revenge, Awakening of the Rebellion and the Remake Mod, all of which worked perfectly with no issues.
  • If you update the mod, or re-download it, you will need to do this again, but this is not an issue as it only takes a minute. likewise, if you make a mistake and change something in the files you shouldn’t have by accident; or you run into issues, you can simply re-download the mod to undo any changes and get the original version of the mod back.
  • I have tested this with saves on these 3 mods to see if it corrupts any pre-existing save files after changing the unit cap in the files, and every time it has worked with no issues and I’ve never had a save corrupted because of doing this. None the less > whilst it should work for all other mods without any breaks to saves, I haven’t tested it, so proceed with caution… but it should work fine.
  • This is only for changing the Space Battle unit cap, if you’re here for land battle unit cap, stop looking, stop looking completely, you wont find a guide easily showing you how, you basically have to have the knowledge of a game dev/experienced modder to do so. This is also not a guide for changing Galactic Unit build Cap, (total unit build cap).

Lets Get Down to Buisness

Here’s the Step by Step of how this works:

Step #1

Open up your SteamLibrary file wherever it is on your own computer, click on it and then go into Steamapps > Workshop > Content, once in Content, there will be multiple files named a bunch of numbers, these are the individual steam game mods files containing all your downloaded mods, split into their respective games. If you know how to find the empire at war mod folder and the mod folder you wish to modify you can skip the next 3 paragraphs.

You now need to find your Starwars empire at war mod folder, however like I said it wont be called this but will instead be named a number in your content file, for example my empire at war mod folder is named ‘32470’ if you also have a file named this then great it should be that one, but i’m not sure if they are all numbered the same for every person. You may need to look through each of these files to find the right one, you can do this by looking through the numbered files (individual mod folders) within these files to find out stuff about the mods and find the right game eg: thumbnails, names etc, this may seem like a hassle depending on how many games you have downloaded but it should be easy once you’ve found the right one.

If your still struggling with this there will likely be other guides or videos on steam or youtube explaining this generally in more depth (this is basic stuff once you know how this works you’ll find it super easy to do again).

Once you’ve found the right game folder you will then need to find the mod folder for the specific mod you wish to modify, eg: Thrawns Revenge or Remake for example. Once again they will be named a number, and you will have to find the right one, if you only have two mods downloaded for example this will be easy as there will only be two mods to look through. An example of what to look for: the AOTR mod has an obvious thumbnail in the first set of files that is a dead giveaway, it will be similar for other mods but you may have to look a little closer at the files and their names.

Step #2

Once you’ve found the mod folder of the mod you wish to change the unit cap of you can proceed with the next steps.

As an example in the images I’m using The Remake Mod, these next few steps should apply to any mod your using as they should all use a very similar file layout

The mod folder your now looking at should look like the one below, or at least similar.

Click on the file named ‘data’, (Highlighted) [if its not called ‘data’ it should be called something similar]:

Next Click on the file named Xml (XML):

Next you should see alot of individual files, ignore the folders at the top and scroll down through the files till you find one called ‘FACTIONS’ (or factions), ignore any files called ‘Faction data’ unless the Factions file is empty/very small or missing. The files are alphabetically ordered so scroll down till you reach ‘F’, you only need to find the one file, the file should look like this, (ignore the Microsoft edge logo) [highlighted]:

Now right click on the file name, and click ‘show more options’ and then click ‘edit with notepad’ or just edit with notepad if it comes up first.

Step #3

You should now have the file open with notepad and it should look like this (mine is in dark mode):

You can now edit the text in this file and save it to change the original file, be careful not to accidentally change anything, your only going to edit one number in one line of text*.

At the top or near the top there should be text that says ‘Faction’ and then ‘Faction (faction name eg: empire)’ like on the image.

All the existing factions on the mod will be displayed here, if there are only 3 factions on the mod then only 3 factions will be displayed with their data here, if there are 5 there will be 5 factions etc.

For example this is what your looking for for each faction:

Now there is a lot of text in this file but don’t be deterred as like I said you just need to find one line of text. it should be in the first chunk of text below the faction name, or not far from it, each faction will be laid out slightly differently so it may be in slightly different locations for each faction in the file. Also to note, if there are any factions other than the empire, rebels or criminal underworld/black sun then they may just be named ‘faction1’ or something similar.

The line of text/code your looking for is this (highlighted below):


The number in the middle is the only thing you want to change, and you can change it to basically anything.

For example currently with the number at 150, when I got into battle in the game the space battle unit cap will be, who would have guessed, 150! As you can see in-game below:

Where as if I were to change it to 650 for example, which is what I would recommend for a decent spec PC like mine to avoid major lag/crashes, or something similar:

Then it will be 650 in-game:

If you want to make the unit cap Infinite like many mods do, then set it to 9999, (practically infinite):

But I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you have a NASA computer, or else it will lag and crash your game into oblivion with too many ships active.

  • If you only wish to change the unit cap of one faction, then just find and change the one, but if you want to change it for all you’ll have to scroll through and change each one for each faction.

Once you’ve changed the number to the unit cap you desire, you need to save the changes, don’t click ‘save as’, just click save and then exit the file. Once again, do not do any of this with the game open, only do this with the game closed/not running, once you’ve made the changes and closed the files, you are safe to play.

And again if the game seems to be broken after doing this, or it hasn’t worked, you almost 100% did something wrong, so re-download the mod on steam, and repeat the guide again.

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