Star Wars: Hunters – How to Play J-3DI

Beginners Guide for J-3DI

By Burnt on Switch.

Do you want my stern, unadulterated advice on J-3DI? I’ll still tell you how to best use him, but I want to save you some pain.

Don’t play him. J-3DI is hands-down the worst performing character you can possibly pick. His grapple’s range is so low that you might as well just walk to your enemy by the time you could’ve grappled them, his block still damages you when you block shots, and he’s only slightly faster than Grozz with only 250 health and no mobility abilities. His ultimate is not worth the otherwise microscopic value he has.

Play Rieve instead, she is J-3DI but better, and this is no joke.

But, if you’re still here, fine.



My best advice to you is to get in rapid-fire enemies’ face and block so you can deal a healthy amount of damage to them. When their weapons overheat or they need to reload, you then attack them. Additionally, for slower-firing characters, blocking the shot, swinging, then blocking again until they shoot is an optimal strategy.

Try to run circles around your enemy while you attack so that you’re harder to hit. As much as I wish there was, there’s no sophisticated strategy on lightsaber vs. lightsaber combat, just swing and block wildly and pray you win.

Grapple Pull

This thing has no use other than temporarily stunning enemies. Don’t use this on enemies with high mobility, such as Zaina, Skora, or Rieve. You’re wasting your time. Grappling enemies who use melee is also generally a bad idea as they’ll get the first hit on you 9/10.

Do not, I repeat, do not use this on grozz under any circumstance. You will die.

If you’re going to pull Sentinel, step back a small distance after you grab him so his knockback melee doesn’t hit you and then close in.


The ultimate is capable of destroying an entire enemy team. Make sure you have full health before using it.

The best way to use it is to jump from an elevated point and land on your enemy, activating it and then dropping, so they have minimal time to counteract you. Prioritizing tanks with this is useful.

General Playstyle

Good luck. You’re going to need it. You have many characters who can easily get away from you and you’re slower than almost every character. You also don’t have the health for anything more than a 1v1. Generally keep yourself close to your enemy and keep blocked if you’re not attacking the enemy in that exact moment.

Dropping down on enemies or ambushing them works best, and the grapple pull can help pull healers away, even if only for a very brief moment. I believe J-3DI can also interrupt ultimates with the grapple pull.

Who Counters J-3DI?

Imara’s rockets will still explode and hurt J-3DI, even when he’s blocking. The same goes for his ultimate. Imara can also simply grapple away if he gets too close. Diago’s mine can be a good way to prevent him from approaching you as he has no way of dealing with it other than running into it. Grozz heavily outdamages and outlasts him.

Skora and Zaina can easily outrun him. Rieve has more options to fight against him and outmanuever him. Aran’s fire can go through his block and he can easily outmaneuver J-3DI. I’m sure there’s dozens more counters too.

Who Does J-3DI Counter

If you get in Slingshot’s face and pray to god his rockets don’t kill you, you can actually deflect his shots very easily and kill him quickly by deflecting all his shots back to his face at close range. That’s it. That’s the one character I personally believe J-3DI is good against.

I hope you found this helpful!

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