StarCrawlers – Super Short Guide to Finding Dossiers

Just a quick overview over dossiers.

Dossiers Guide

Dossiers – What Are They for?

Dossiers serve 3 purposes:

  1. They are sellable at the black market dealer.
  2. They serve as an expose for a bit of worldbuilding.
  3. They are needed for achievments.

That being said dossiers are certainly the most grindy part of the game.

The dossier progress carries over to new game+/++.

Generally speaking dossiers are more labour than they are fun, at least if you want to finish all ten.

They can be naturally combined with the other grind achievments (500 missions, ng++ etc.).

There are 10 dossiers containing 5 entries each.

You can only find 1 entry per mission. So even if you have 1 dossier each mission, it will still take you 50 missions to get all of them.

Dossier Details

The 10 dossier targets are in order of the ingame menu:

  1. Chimera BioPharma Solutions
  2. Agrigen Food Corp
  3. Titan Metallurgy
  4. GalaxyMart
  5. Riggo’s Fine Spirits
  6. Hollow Earth, Hollow Soul
  7. Dablue Yutaki
  8. Astrohound Technologies
  9. Anulap
  10. Allure Cybernetics

Each dossier needs 5 entries to be completed.

The following tactic is valid for every target except for Hollow Earth:

Look for a mission that either has the Corp as a target OR is from the corp and goes to an non-corp location (these Missions will only give positive rep, no negative).

The mission should be normal or higher and preferably in offices, labs or facilities.

If these, officies are the best shot, as it is easiest to spot the datapads here.

I can neither confirm nor deny if dossiers spawn in ships or mines and on difficulty lower than normal. I can only state that I never found any there.

Dossiers lie round as lootables and are glittering in the same way as stolen goods. They always appear as a datapad, never in a container or different form.

Each mission can only have 1 entry and only for the corporation tied to that mission, meaning that missions without ties to any of the 9 above will never have any dossiers.

There does not seem to be a specific threshold in terms of reputation to finding dossiers. I found them while beeing liked and hated by companies alike.

There doesn’t seem to be a 100% spawn rate of dossiers – though on challanging or higher it seems to be very close to 100%.

Hollow Earth, Hollow Soul is a special case, as there are no locations that are tied to this corp directly.

Except for there are: You have to pay 3×500 credits at the wire and then talk to them.

They will hand you missions to go to certain places and either destroy mining gear in mines, free Pwoggle in labs or release Pwoggle into officies.

After taking one of these missions they can be done on any viable map of any corp.

I’m not sure if you can find the “hehs” dossiers in the mines, but you can find them in officies and labs when doing the Pwoggle runs. Just remember to pick a mission at normal or above difficulty and also remember that you have to turn the unmarkd quest in at the wire and receive a new one, before you can go to another location.

If you are only farming dossiers, the “wait” button in the bar is your best friend.

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