State of Mind – Game Crashes at Title Screen (Fix)

Game crash fix for 10th and 11th gen processors…

Easy Fix for Game Crashing

If after you download this game and come to push A or left mouse button and your game crashes this fix should work for you. I had the same problem with my 11th gen computer.

First go to home and right click on State Of Mind and go to “properties.” In the general information at the bottom there is “launch options.” Simply copy and paste the following:

cmd /c "set OPENSSL_ia32cap=:~0x20000000 && %command%"

After doing this you should be able to launch game. When you launch command prompt may be in the background, I just left it there and upon closing game it goes away. Long story short there is problems with 10th and 11th gen processors and this game.

You can also go to the discussion on this game and search : “game crashes at title screen,” and find one other fix that is supposed to be a safe work around for your cpu. There is a link to the article from others forum members.

However I saw this and thought it to be much quicker and probably much safer and it worked for me 100%

Written by Odins Child

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