Stellar Blade – Useful Tips and Tricks

Here we have tried to collect simple and useful tips without big spoilers.

Tips and Tricks

Important note: You can turn off Motion Blur, Film Grain and Chromatic Aberration in the setting!

You can get the digital bonuses with the physical edition unpatched

What to do:

  • Before inserting disc, go to the store and redeem your pre-order code
  • Purchase digital deluxe add-on
  • Turn off wi-fi and auto-updates (auto- download as well as auto-install in rest mode)
  • Insert disc
  • Once you get to safe house, items are there.

Gameplay tips in shorts

  • It’s not critical for all souls-like games to use parry. Stellar Blade is not one of them. Parrying is critical.
  • Make scanning mandatory and continuous. As soon as the ability is restored repeat the action.
  • In the settings, be sure to make auto loot items enabled.
  • If you are having trouble getting through, switch from the Normal Mode to Story Mode. It’s very helpful.
  • Don’t rush to dive into the first mission after Xion. Explore the Wasteland. This will allow you to not only better understand the character but also become literally stronger.
  • If you started new game plus while you didnt unlock Nano suit collector trophy, don’t woory it will be able to get in new game plus.


Stellar Blade requires you to become extremely proficient with its parry mechanics if you want to succeed.

You can generally ignore parrying in favor of dodging or rolling out of danger in most Souls-style games. But in Stellar Blade, you won’t get very far if you can’t parry regularly. Initially, you parry by using the L1 button to execute a guard move. The objective is to click the button just in time to block an enemy’s assault before it reaches EVE.

If, despite spending some time in the training room, you are still having trouble parrying, there is a way to make this basic concept a little more forgiving.

The ability “Focus Boost” in the Survival talent tree extends the window of opportunity for a flawless parry by a little amount. I advise you to prioritize unlocking this skill, which costs two SP points.

Another ability in the same talent tree is called “Reflex Boost,” which slightly eases the process of pulling off a flawless dodge. Make sure to quickly unlock this as well.

Where to find bunny suit

It’s in the northern part of the wastelands.

There should be a corrupter boss that shows up just before you find the bunny suit.

Wasteland Scrap yard – Get the box on top of broken stairs without double jump

In the wasteland scrap yard where you rescue the robot, there is a broken stairs which you cant reach. Even using a crate you seems to jump through it all the time.

To reach it you can:

  1. Comeback later when you get double jump
  2. Place your crate a bit to the left, Jump to the platform on the left of the stairs. From there, jump dash to the stairs

Naytiba researcher trophy: how to obtain

Many players think it’s a bug and try to start a new playthrough in hopes of fixing the situation. It isn’t. To get the trophy you need to do something another.

The only way to get it is choosing the bad ending, since the 2 last naytibo only appear in that ending. In fact the other endings final boss doesn’t count for the trophy.

Canyon climbing in the Wastelands (example)

How can you get down there? There is a lot of climbing sections down in this Canyon, but you still couldn’t find the start to it?

See that area to the south east? You have to climb up some rocks in an area between 2 fences. The path up isn’t very obvious. You need double jump at any point.

Keep going toward the other fence then mountain goat your way up the side of that rock formation.

You have to get on the first island then make your way to the others to get down.

How many playthroughs you need to get all three endings

You can get 2 in one playthrough, ones that require Lilly affinity at 100%, and upload Your save to cloud make Your choice defeat Boss see ending then restore Your save from cloud and make different choice. This way You will only need 2 runs.

Prayer tip

Here is a tiny finger point to help whittle your time lost on maps without a prayer left to find.

So there’s where they are on what map / zone prayer is on:

It’s 2/3 in Wasteland before the quest ends, 3 in Great Desert, 1 in Matrix 11, and then after doing the quest, you get the last 1/3 in Wasteland.


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