Storyteller – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This is a complete guide for all Storyteller achievements! Hope this is able to help y’all get that 100%.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Werther (Goethe)

Chapter 4/Story 1: Poison

  • Choose either Bernard or Edgar to fall in love with Lenora
  • Have the opposite man to confront Lenora
  • Have that man drink the poison

Romeo & Juliet

Chapter 4/Story 2: Tragedy

  • Edgar and Lenora fall in love
  • Edgar/Lenora mourns their partner’s death
  • Living partner drinks poison
  • Revive the dead partner
  • Have them mourn their now dead partner
  • Have that newly revived partner drink poison

Lenora Falls Asleep

Chapter 4/Story 3: Wrath

  • Fill ALL the scenes with Lenora drinking Wine
  • Now…she has passed out

Drinking Martini

Chapter 8/Story 4: Report

  • Have the Duke and the Butler in the Ballroom
  • The Butler grabs the gun
  • The Duchess peeps through the painting
  • The Duchess sees the Butler with the gun in the Ballroom
  • The Butler puts the gun back
  • He continues to serve drinks to the Duchess in the Ballroom

Mutual Ghost Fright

Chapter 5/Story 4: Inclusive

  • Hatey confronts the mirror and gets rejected
  • Hatey pushes Peachy off the cliff
  • Peachy scares Hatey off the cliff
  • They have a ghost fight on the cliff

Professor Cries

Chapter 11/Story 3: Vampire

  • Dracula bites either Jon or Mina
  • Jon/Mina finds the opposite in the Crypt
  • They go talk to the Professor
  • Jon/Mina goes back to the crypt to slay the opposite
  • Continues in the crypt to slay Dracula
  • The Professor is shown Mina’s/Jon’s remains

All Bonus Titles

This one is completed when you finish all the additional “dot” in the chapters that have them.

  • Chapter 2/Story 1 = 1
  • Chapter 4/Story 2 = 1
  • Chapter 4/Story 4 = 1
  • Chapter 7/Story 4 = 1
  • Chapter 8/Story 4 = 1
  • Chapter 9/Story 1 = 1
  • Chapter 3/Story 1 = 2
  • Chapter 10/Story 2 = 1
  • Chapter 11/Story 4 = 2
  • Chapter 12/Story 3 = 1
  • Chapter 12/Story 4 = 1

Knight and Queen Afterlife Love

Chapter 9/Story 4: Misfortune

  • The Baron kidnaps the Queen
  • The Baron becomes King
  • The Baron kills Knight/Queen
  • The Baron kills Queen/Knight
  • The Queen and Knight fall in love

Frogs Kissing

Chapter 5/Story 2: Deceit

  • The Witch curses Tiny/Prince
  • The Witch curses Prince/Tiny
  • The Prince and Tiny meet in the Forest
  • They share a warty kiss

Maid Murders Knight

Final Chapter/Story 4: Love Revolution

  • The Queen sees King have an affair with the Maid
  • The Queen kidnaps the Maid
  • The King saves the Maid
  • The King kidnaps the Queen
  • The Knight saves the Queen
  • The Knight kidnaps the King
  • The Maid saves the King
  • The Maid pushes the Knight off the cliff

Dragon Gets Arrested

Chapter 11/Story 2: Dragon

  • The Baron disguises himself as a Dragon
  • The Baron scares the Detective in the Ballroom
  • The Baron puts up the disguise
  • The Detective identifies fingerprints on the disguise
  • The Baron puts the disguise back on
  • The Baron/Dragon gets arrested by the Detective
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  1. For “Knight and Queen Afterlife Love”, you’re missing 1 scene where Knight rescues Queen on the Kidnap screen.

    Also, why did you not make these in chronological order of Chapters… really weird the way you ordered these.

    Lastly, for the Bonus Dots, you should really include images or descriptions on how to earn each one, if you want this to be a true 100% guide.

  2. Frogs Kissing – Chapter 5/Story 2: Deceit is wrong.

    1. and 2. Witch curses Tiny, then she curses snowy (both scenes in forest)
    3. Prince sees frog in the forest, the frog is the princess
    4. Prince kisses a frog in the boat, the frog is tiny

  3. Knight and Queen Afterlife Love is missing a step
    after baron becomes king, knight has to resque queen, otherwise they won’t fall in love

  4. Chapter 8 / Story 4 doesn’t accept the solution you provided, neither as a bonus nor as a basic solution.
    The following worked for me:

    * butler gets gun
    * duchess behind painting
    * butler with gun in ballroom
    * duchess talks to detective in ballroom
    * butler kills duchess in ballroom
    * detective arrests butler in ballroom

  5. Dragon gets arrested can also be done in Chapter 7/Story 4
    1. Baron puts on dragon disguise
    2. Baron scares the queen in the ballroom
    3. Queen puts Baron in Cage

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