Storyteller – How to Solve Queen Suffers Four Tragedies Puzzle

Queen Suffers Four Tragedies Puzzle Solution

The puzzle seems to be about figuring out the negative things that can happen to a character.

Those seem to include:

  • Losing the crown.
  • Being imprisoned.
  • Losing a lover.
  • Being killed.


  • Queen is kidnapped by baron.
  • Baron takes the crown.
  • Knight rescues the Queen.
  • Knight and Queen are married.
  • Baron executes the knight.
  • Baron executes the Queen.
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  1. I’m playing the game and I think they changed it because when I try to do the sequence of events the queen doesn’t want to marry the knight even though he saves her instead she wants to get her crown back which makes the 4 tragedies difficult because she won’t marry the knight unless she has the crown.

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