Strange Horticulture – 100% Complete Walkthrough (Day by Day)

Hopefully this will be a simple, straightforward guide for identifying the plants you need and solving the puzzles.

Full Walkthrough Guide

Day 1, Friday

Starting Clues

Letter from Simone

  • This letter is straightforward, go explore Ambleside (C20) for 2 new plants

Short note

This note about a dangerous plant that can be found in the hills to the northeast of Backbarrow (M21)

Customer 1, Victoria Gray

  • She wants St. John’s Poppy, a plant with bright read flowers with a yellow centre.

Mailman, David Chafer

  • He gives you a letter from Amos Duncan, which also provides enough tokens to go explore

Amos Duncan Letter 1

  • His letter will guide you to the woods just south of Gosforth, the coordinates you want to search are G5.

Customer 2, Gilbert Ames

  • Gilbert will trade you some Phennet in exchange for Lemon Dandy, which has curly leaves and bright blue flowers

Customer 3, Faye Swift

  • Faye asks you for some Forest Camphry to get some sleep

Customer 4, Nora Butterfield

  • She wants Wandering Bue, a mushroom

Day 2, Saturday

Starting Clue

The card you get between days leads you to a river (H11), for a new plant

Customer 1, Isodore Burbidge

  • This grumpy fellow wants Apis Demissus, more commonly known as Gandyroot

David Chafer, Mailman

  • Another letter from Amos Duncan

Amos Duncan, Letter 2

  • His second letter leads you to Hard Knott, but the gate is locked. You need to use Clavilium to get past

Customer 2, Rueben Ward

  • Mr. Ward wants Fox Button to speak with the Sisters

Customer 3, Victoria Gray

  • Victoria’s back for another plant, this time Harlequin Blue

Customer 4, Bethany Coleman

  • One of the Sisters has come for your help, but she needs you to swear to secrecy using Mary’s Breath

Letter from the Sisterhood

  • You will find the Sisters deep in Grizedale Forest (J17), and you get to work. You will need to use Ren to discover what killed the Arda

Customer 5, Isodore Burbridge

  • He’s back, and he’s not happy. You have a choice, give him either Butterdale, or Meakdew

Day 3, Sunday

Starting Clue

  • The card you get during the night is cryptic, but studying the map leads you to E17 for 2 new plants

Customer 1, Wilbur Miller

  • He needs some help from Lady of Summer for his memory

David Chafer, Mailman

  • Another letter from Amos Duncan

Amos Duncan, Letter 3

  • Go explore Great Gable (A13), but you’ll need help from Brimlock to make it up the mountain

Customer 2, Norman Lee

  • He gives you a new plant, nothing to do

Customer 3, Simone Green

  • Simone wants a favour for researching plants, and asks you to find Common Trouse on Red Pike

Customer 4, Verona Green

  • She would like some Shimmerlung for a ‘display’

Note: you may get a different customer

Customer 5a, Ruth Douglas

  • Ruth wants Meakdew

Customer 5b

  • He wants St John’s Poppy

Day 4, Monday

Starting Clue

No text, just an ‘X’ and a ragged corner. However, if you line up the tear with the map that X will lead you to N6 for 2 new plants

Customer 1, Reuban Ward

  • Fox button was no help to him, he needs Phennet to keep his lunch down now

David Chafer, Mailman

  • He hands you a letter from Verona Green

Letter from Verona Green

  • She lets you know of a plant in Grizedale forest she wasn’t able to get to. You can find it at K19, but first you need to get past the Sisters. Use Mellow-Glow

Customer 2, Faye Swift

  • You have a choice, give her Aguria to ease her visions, or Candlewood to encourage them

Customer 3, Margaret Elsbeth

  • Lady Elsbeth invites you to Sizergh Castle (K26) to explore the library

Note: I’ve had 2 different customers appear at this point

Customer 4a, Phillip Shaw

  • He wants Wandering Bue

Customer 4b, Francis Abberton

  • Gandyroot will help with his heartburn

Customer 5, Selina Scott

  • Selina wants to protect her home from ‘unwanted souls’ and needs Sunset Mountcap to do so

Day 5, Tuesday

Starting Clue

The castle northwest of the abbey is Egremont Castle at B1, three miles east gets you to B4 for a new plant

Customer 1, Faye Swift

  • No matter which plant you gave her yesterday, she asks for Worryless to help with her anxiety

Customer 2, Simone Green

  • Simone tells you of a man she met you wants to see you, but won’t come into Undermere, meaning you’ll have to go looking for him. Give Simone the Common Trouse she needs

Note from Simone

  • The source of the river Winster is found at J22, but the man isn’t there. Instead, he’s left another clue, telling you to go down 2 and right 3. That brings you to L25. The man is there and hand you a strange looking glass and a letter saying you need Red Abony to use it

Customer 3, Conrad Stanway

  • Conrad would like Caballia to decorate his grave, you’re looking for a 6 petalled flower

Customer 4, Unknown

  • A mysterious woman with a jade mask comes in asking for Hopheart

Customer 5, Verona Green

  • Verona is going to help Reuban Ward, and wants some Witch Phygg to take along with her. The book says it looks similar to Feverkiss, but Feverkiss has red berries, and Witch Phygg yellow

Customer 6, Isadore Burbidge

  • If you happened to give him Meakdew on Day 2, he’s come back ready to sue. You have another choice now, give him Amnesia with Henchuck, or cause him to go insane and die with Storian

Day 6, Wednesday

Starting Clue

It sounds cryptic, but it’s quite literal. Follow the river out of Coniston water down to where it forks (O17) for 2 new plants

Customer 1, Eleanor Bramer

  • She hands you a note you can follow for a new plant. Placing it on the map brings you to F2, but you can’t go any further without some Winterbore

Customer 2, Bethany Coleman

  • She needs some Jacob’s Worth to help find a missing Sister

Customer 3, Arthur Cook

  • Arthur wants a plant for his wife’s birthday, one with a strong, but good, smell and lots of little flowers. Give him Forest Camphry

Customer 4, Ennis Aleford

  • This cultist invites you to join the Seeds of Redemption, and hands you a letter telling you to leave St John’s Poppy by Sadgill church (C28) by Friday, or else

Customer 5, Verona Green

  • Verona is back from Swinside, and wants to run some tests on Gilded Dendra to see if it was used to poison the victim

Customer 6, Anne Wood

  • She needs a plant that can cut through vines of Swiftsnare, give her Royal Gentia

Day 7, Thursday

Starting clue

The Map shows the elevation of several mountain. The ‘tallest but one’ means you need the second tallest mountain, Bowfell (D14), then go five miles south to I14 for a new plant

Customer 1, Anne Wood

  • She’s back after getting through the vines and opening the coffin. She’s found an amulet that needs Solomon’s Sceptre to ‘awake’

David Chafer, Mailman

  • He hands you a letter with just two words written down, Kentmere Eye

Customer 2, Verona Green

  • It was Gilded Dendra used for the murder. Verona wants Maiden’s Sorrow now for mental clarity

You should have received the book entry for Red Abony, which means you can find the plant on your shelves and get the looking glass working

Open up the map and move the looking glass over it to reveal some hidden text

Elderphineum can be found at Q30

The Tomb of the Hunter (B14) will give you another plant

And the Great Oak (N9)

Customer 3, Reuben Ward

  • He’s also back from Swinside, and now wants some Eyebright for his excursion into the hills

Customer 4, Forest Vair

  • Forest asks you for Grey Sandfire

Day 8, Friday

Starting Clue

Lowick to Illgill Head, Foxfield to Crinkle Crags. X marks the spot, in this case the spot is I13 for two new plants

Customer 1, Ennis Aleford

  • If you did as he instructed he praises your decision to join his cult, and lets you know he’ll be in touch soon

Customer 2, Unknown

  • The woman with the jade mask is back, she asks for Elderphinium

Customer 3, Grace Enwright

  • Grace hands you a note to find Goldenlight, but you don’t know what Long Meg is yet

Customer 4, Anne Wood

  • She’s looking quite a bit older, give her Long Verecund to stop the amulet draining her life

Customer 5, Amos Duncan

  • You friend is here, and he gives you several notes in person this time. They match the other flower note you already have. Look at the top left section of your desk to find the same flower symbols. You can piece together the papers to get the correct order, then press the symbols on the desk until they math, revealing a secret compartment.

There’s a letter explaining how to use a Bryer’s Disc, which should solve the note with Kentmore Eye. Place the disc on Kentmore, and the eye symbol points to E27, giving you another plant

You can also visit Robert Barrow’s Herbology Shop in Kendal, where you can trade Copper Caledonian for new plants

Customer 6, Simone Green

  • Simone hands you a letter for Baylock’s Elixer, nothing you can do yet

Day 9, Saturday

Starting Clue

Find Tebay on the map, then go north, east, south, south, west, south, south. You should end up at F31 and find two new plants

Customer 1, Simone Green

  • She says she’ll keep an eye out for Long Meg at the library, if you give her Feverkiss

David Chafer, Mailman

  • Another short note, Beckfoot Candle. Use the Bryer’s Disc on the map. You can find Beckfoot at G10, and the candle points to D12 for a new plant

Customer 2, Forest Vair

  • He’s after some Dranthium, and a close look at his eyes tells you he’s a regular user

Customer 3, Reuben Ward

  • Reuben is disturbed by what he’s seen in the hills, and wants some Wild Cole for his headache

Customer 4, Emily Constigan

  • Emily is looking for a plant that grows by Red Pike, she wants Common Trouse

Customer 5, Verona Green

  • She’s putting the pieces together, and gives you some reading to do about some mysterious creature. The letter mentions some dead ground north east of Tebay you should check out (B32)

Day 10, Sunday

Starting clue

A blank card, try using the looking glass. Two miles north of Foxfield puts you at K11, and gives you a new plant

David Chafer, Mailman

  • A letter from Simone advising you to go to Calder Abbey to find more information on Long Meg. You’ll need to give them a plant that shows friendship. Use Fox Button

You find out Long Meg is the tall stone in the circle north of Undermere. Go south two miles and east three to find Goldenlight

Customer 1, Verona Green

  • She’s ready to confront the new Arda, and she wants to take some Mountain Astory with her

Customer 2, Thomas Green

  • He drops off your new lab equipment, now you can brew elixers

Customer 3, Bethany Coleman

  • She asks you to place an offering at the alter of Arduinna. Match the note she gives you on the map to find the spot in Grizedale forest (I19)

You have a choice to offer Cauldery or Embersoul to the goddess

Customer 4, Natalie Cooper

  • Natalie would like Larkshine to keep cultists away from her home

Day 11, Monday

Starting clue

Another elevation puzzle, place the card over Bowfell and the Old Man mountains to reveal where a new plant can be found (E16)

Customer 1, George Campbell

  • George is looking for gold, and thinks Weeping Belle will help him. Previously identified as Goldenlight

Customer 2, Ennis Aleford

  • He gives you a plant, telling you to give it to the Draer if he comes back

Customer 3, Amos Duncan

  • Your friend Amos is after some Baylock’s Elixer, it’s time to put that new lab to use. The three plants you want to use are Palliance, Eyebright, and Prittle

Customer 4, Alice Boyd

  • Alice wants a sweet smelling plant with small blue flowers, give her Solomon’s Sceptre

Customer 5, Simone Green

  • She can’t find any information on the Servant, and advises you to go check out Lord Fremont’s archives. You can find Muncaster Castle at I8

Customer 6, John Hall

  • He asks for Norwood to stay awake during his night shifts. If you want to find the plant yourself, try using the special looking glass over the plants while they’re on the shelves

Day 12, Tuesday

Starting Clue

Look through your book to find which plant is also called Truthsayer, and the number of petals a lucky Caballia flower has. Look at L7 on your map for two new plants

Customer 1, Verona Green

  • Verona brings that sad news that most of the SIsterhood is dead. She brings you something that may help the fight against the Servant

David Chafer, Mailman

  • Another short note, Foxfield Trident. Use the Bryer’s Disc to solve this puzzle (K8)

Customer 2, Forest Vair

  • Do you let him go after the Servant, or stop him completely? Choose between Embersoul and Lesser Merrydock

Customer 3, Milton Forbes

  • He invites you to his shop of antiquities in Arnside (P26) so that you might find new elixirs to brew

Day 13, Wednesday

Starting Clue

Start at Endmoor (L29) and use the Bryer’s Disc to follow the Raven up to H29, then move the Bryer’s Disc to that spot and follow the spider to H25 for two new plants

Customer 1, Grayce Enwirght

  • Grayce needs some courage to face her father-in-law, which, fair. Give her Daisy Dock, it look very similar to Prittle

David Chafer, Mailman

  • A strange note. There’s a lot of room there for more words. Try using the special looking glass. Go north of Bowfell to the source of the river Esk (C15)

Customer 2, Thora Dunn

  • She’s worried about the mushrooms her husband has picked, check out the spot he found them (G20)

Customer 3, Simone Green

  • Simone has a mould problem in her library and needs some Palliance, also called Sweetbreath

Customer 4, Lorena Chapman

  • She needs Trimblehuff for a wedding she’s going to

Day 14, Thursday

Starting clue

A two part clue, the tree and symbol on the card match the coin you got awhile back. Go eight miles east of Gosforth to E11 for two new plants

Customer 1, Thora Dunn

  • Her husband went ahead and ate those mushroom, now he needs a remedy. you can identify the mushroom she gave you yesterday as Farmer’s Worry, and using your mushroom guide can see that Royal Gentia should cure the husband

Customer 2, Forest Vair

  • If you helped him go after the Servant, he’s alive, at least, but in a bad way. Brew him St Quentin’s Elixir. You will need Daisy Dock, Candlewood, and Sheepsnap

David Chafer, Mailman

  • One more letter for the Bryer’s Disc, place it on Sadgill and look at the cup pointing to G28

Customer 3, Reuben Ward

  • He gives you a note for Swiftsnare in the hopes of defeating the Servant

Note: you may get a different customer here

Customer 4a, Thaddeus Cornwall

  • He’s looking for Weeping Belle

Customer 4b, Samuel Thomas

  • He wants Palliance

Customer 5, Ennis Aleford

  • If you helped Forest Vair, Ennis warns you that you may regret your actions

Day 15, Friday

Starting clue

West of White Scar, by the river. Go to P29 for a new plant

David Chafer, Mailman

  • A new letter from Amos Duncan, you’ll have to find White Scar Cave on the map again. Use Farmer’s Worry to get inside and find two new plants

Customer 1, Faye Swift

  • She can’t remember, Sour Bandy will help

Customer 2, Alden Gregory

  • You may not want to, but you’ll need to brew Elixir of the Damned for Alden to give to his wife. The three plants you need are Caballia, Dranthium, and Henchuck

Customer 3, Althea O’Shea

  • She wants Liverstone

Customer 4, Unknown

  • Could she be part of the Sisterhood? She needs help anyway, so give her Widow’s Woe or Dead Man’s Fingers

Customer 5, Hollis Gibb

  • Hollis asks for some Pixie-Lamps, or Glowhorn

Day 16, Saturday

Starting clue

The castle this clue means is Sizergh, across the river, through the mountain pass, and at the edge of the wood bring you to K31 for a new plant

Customer 1, Verona Green

  • It’s time to use our five plants to perform the ritual, and hopefully bind the creature. Use the riddle from the disc to figure out the plants you need. The Corpse’s Friend is Devil’s Nightcap , the Ankle Grabber is Swiftsnare, the fear bringer is Widow’s Woe, Long Verecund will lift a curse, and a petal to reverse black blood is Elderphinium

If you don’t remember or haven’t been there yet, the ritual site can be found at O9


*will need confirmation if this is the same for everyone

  • A card with a triangle, some circles, and an X. Line it up on the map with Whitbarrow mountain for the triangle. X marks N28 for two new plants.
  • A note from someone telling you about a man you should visit in Ravenglass (J6). He gives you a recipe for an elixir and clues to reach this monastery. Brew the elixir first, using Storian, Thum (Toom), and Twilight Lepiota. Follow the clues backwards and you should end up by the woods near Torver. The monastery is at I12.

Customer 2, Simone Green

  • Simone will help finish identifying any plants you haven’t gotten yet
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  1. I’m not sure where I went wrong. On day 13 when asked for Trimblehuff, I don’t have the entry in my book. The hint just says “I’m not sure what to do”. I do have the plant, after seeing what it looks like here. I don’t know how I missed getting the book entry for it.

  2. Epilogue for me:
    A card with a triangle, some circles, and an X. Line it up on the map with Whitbarrow mountain for the triangle. X marks N28 [N27 for me, NOT N28] for two new plants.
    Also, the Black Veil Monastery is at i12 for me, not l12.

    hope this helps!

  3. i figured out the widow’s woe! you’ll be given a box with a flower and a keyhole in the centre. you have to open it with clavilium. inside, there’s a few pieces of paper, with one of them talking about “follow the duddon tributary to its source”. you have to go to L13 and that’s where you get widow’s woe. not sure why the guide is missing this crucial info!

  4. i have no idea how, but i completely missed widow’s woe! if anyone knows where to find it, please let me know ? also, the location for the source of river esk is actually C14, not C15 as listed in this guide!

    • Seems to be a Day 6 bug, where you’re supposed to collect Eyebright but the collect button doesn’t work. Going back and re-playing Day 5 seemed to fix it for me.

      Specifically, I had another problem on Day 5 that seemingly had to be fixed for Day 6 to work. The card I got overnight (about the abbey and the castle) had randomly disappeared the first time then showed up the next day. When I re-did Day 5, the card showed up and I made sure to do it right away, then everything worked. I also remember originally on Day 6 the overnight card about the Old Man didn’t dissolve the first time I used it. The second time through, it did, then everything worked from there.

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