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This guide contains story spoilers

In this brief guide I describe all totem locations. There are four of each totem, and bringing all four of them to the corresponding shrine will grant you the ultimate weapon for the associated character. Wolf Totems are for Tal, Eagle Totems for Ailish, Cat Totems for Buki and Dragon Totems for Elco.

Wolf Totems

Illumina Castle South Courtyard

Leaving the Illumina Castle main courtyard towards the Illumina Countryside, you come through the Illumina Castle South Courtyard. You face a big gate with a small door to the right next to it. Take the stairs to the left to activate a button which opens the small door. You have to run to the door within the timer to collect the first Wolf Totem.

New Brightwater

After meeting Ailish in New Brightwater, talk to the Lighthouse Keeper. He will mention a sunken ship, and that many people in the village miss their deliveries, that were on board of the ship. On the pier, you meed several fishermen who give you the quest to retrieve their item. The fisherman who is missing his invitation will give you the wolf totem. To get the invitation and other missing items, go to the New Brightwater Beach, fight the monsters there and destroy the crates. If you dont find the invitation, leave the area and enter again to spawn new monsters and crates.

Transentia Dock

When you reach Transentia with Tal and Elco via the Airship, you arrive at the airship dock. To your right, there is a simple block puzzle. At the end of it, there is a chest with a wolf totem.

Transentia Robot Fight

On the thrid level of Transentia, where the university is located, turn left and find a ladder leading upwards. A robot will greet you and ask to fight a prototype. Only Tal is allowed to do that.

The fight with the robot is quite challenging. Here some advice:

  • The robot has a special attack with a wide area of effect that deals 2000 damage. You will recognize it by his long charge-up, and it can not be interrupted. Fight the robot in one corner of the arena and run to the opposite corner to evade this attack.
  • It is barely possible to land a combo without getting interrupted. Make heavy use of battle spells like geyser charge. Bring enough SP potions.

A final word of advice: When you enter the transentia portal (after the fight with Krenn CPU), it will be quite some time until you can come back to transentia.

Eagle Totems

New Brightwater Pirate Hut

At the beach of New Brightwater is a pirate hut. Enter it with Ailish and dispell a hidden chest.

Illumina Countryside Well

On the Illumina Countryside is a well with a magic wall. Dispell it with Ailish to find a chest inside.

Temple of Mo

In the Temple of Mo there is a section where you have to put colored powder into an incense burner. While mixing blue and red opens the passage you need to continue, mixing blue and yellow opens the green gate with a treasure room behind.

Transentia: Miss Lupa’s Quest

In Level 5 of Transentia, you will find the observatory with Miss Lupa inside. She will give you a quest to collect omnium. You can farm omnium in the research complex, dropped by the robots. After collecting 20 omnium pieces she will give you a key. You will find a patch of ranks Buki can climb up. It leads to a machine room that it is opened with the key. There is the last eagle totem.

Cat Totems

Waterfall Chest

On the way to Shadani Mo, shortly before you arrive, you cross a small bridge. Turn your camera to the left to see a waterfall, a chest and climbing ranks for Buki. Come back later with Buki to retreive it.

New Brightwater Peal Collection

In New Brightwater, you can meet a small girl called Remi, who gives you the quest to retrieve her stolen trinket from Sunder-Rah. Sunder-Rah is a rude child that can be found near the fountain. He will ask you to collect 21 Brightwater Pearls. After collecting all peals, he will hand you a key that fits to a tent in Shadani-Mo. There is the next totem.

Trials of Mo

After completing the temple, Malick will allow you to enter the Trials of Mo. Leave the village and turn left at the savegame book to find the entrance. In the Trials of Mo, Buki alone has to defeat five waves of monsters. This might be too hard directly after the Shadani Temple, so maybe do this later.

Road to Transentia

On the Road to Transentia, Buki has to do a climbing puzzle to lower a bridge. In this puzzle further downwards, a chest with the totem is hidden.

Dragon Totems

Temple of Mo

In the fountain room, dispell the wall with Ailish and fly across the gap with Elco.

Road to Transentia

On the road to transentia near the merchant is a ladder leading down to a flying puzzle for Elco. You have to reach the chest within a given time after you activated a switch.

Transentia Docks

When you reach Transentia via the airship, you will be given a quest to repair the elevator. Instead flying to the machine, fly to the right to find a chest with a dragon totem.

Heart’s Heart

In Transentia, just outside the Rusty Cog Tavern, you can find a robot named Heart. She gives you a quest where you have to find her heart circuit. This item can be dropped by extraction robots in the mines of the research centre.

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