Summer Clover – Useful Tips and Tricks

Did you know that the game already has hints that tell you what you need to do to unlock the next event of a particular girl? But if these tips aren’t enough for you, here are some more helpful hints.

Tips and Tricks for New Players

When Shizuko’s shop opens, grab the extra choice options from the Points Tab (second tab in the money shop). Get the cash-boosting books first. They’ll help you snag the time-saving books quicker. These give you bonus affection for each romance stage. Don’t forget the auto-cleaning bot and cooking recipes.

The recipes show cute chibi icons of who likes or hates each dish. Most girls have different opinions on the food.

Free stress relief at the Church every afternoon. One of the sisters will be there to chat. Great way to chill without spending cash.

Explorations get way easier with extra choices. Learn which options do what, and always do all missions for big rewards. You can actually end up with more energy and money than you started with.

The Scheduler at the bottom of the point shop is awesome for skipping the grind. It lets you pick which day comes next after resting.

Gameplay FAQ

How to Unlock Girls in Church?

In the later stages of the main story, you’ll learn about the “In Heat” condition. To activate it, fill a character’s desire meter the day before they visit the church. The older sister goes on Monday and Tuesday. The blonde character goes on Wednesday and Thursday. The blue-haired character goes on Friday and Saturday. Go to the church in the afternoon to see an event. You can do this for multiple characters in a row. Just make sure to fill the correct character’s meter the day before.

How to Unlock Shizuko Cow Outfit?

Here’s a simple version of that information:

You need to have a BBQ, select it the same way you would choose an ending on Sunday. Shizuko doesn’t have an “in-heat” event. Instead, her event happens when you click on her while she’s lying on her stomach using her laptop.

Is this one open harem or is it routed?

After you finish the main goals at the start, you’ll reach a point where you can see extra scenes or different endings. If you save your game at this point, it’s easier to unlock all the main content.

How to Find Cats?

The cats appear in different places on the map:

  • Morning: Front lawn of the house
  • Noon: Bus stop in the middle of the map
  • Afternoon: Balcony area on the right side of the house, near some chairs
  • Night: In front of the shop door

Special CG Point Shop: What Happens When You Buy One?

When you have intimate interactions, you can see different views. These include a regular view and an x-ray view.

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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