Summer with Mia Season 1 – Gallery Replay Room Fix

Since at 18.11.2023, with the game version build 1.2, the Replay Room in the Gallery of Summer with Mia has many errors and it’s a bit broken.

Issues Found

Basically, there seems to be some variables that are not correctly defined when using the Replay Room in the Gallery and which generate errors.

Tools Needed

In order to proceed with the fixing procedure, only a tool is needed:

  • A text editor, like the Notepad, Notepad++ or a similar one


  • Firstly, go to the “game” folder inside the game folder, “…\Summer with Mia Season 1\game\”.
  • In this position, you’ll have to create a new text file.
  • Edit the newley created text file and add the following lines into it:
init 999 python:
    b_r = persistent.b_rt
    c_r = persistent.c_rt
    k_r = persistent.k_rt
    mc = persistent.mct
    m_r = persistent.m_rt
    sn = persistent.snt
    s_r = persistent.s_rt

Note: The spaces are not made with TAB, but with the spacebar.

  • Then save the file as “galley_patch.rpy”, be sure to select “Save as…” and then change the “Save as” dropdown menu, under the “File name” textbox, to “All files”, in order to save it as a .rpy file.
  • Please note that, by starting the game, the file “galley_patch.rpyc” will be created in the same path, “…\Summer with Mia Season 1\game\”.

There shouldn’t be any, however, if you encounter any problem during the regular gameplay, delete the two files “galley_patch.rpy” and “galley_patch.rpyc”, this will solve them.

Note: upon uninstalling the game, some of the game files and folders will probably need to be deleted manually, because at least the two forementioned files will leftover, thus the “game” folder inside the game main folder will remain too.

Written by Zoltan Redbeard

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