The Last Faith – True Ending Guide

How to Get True Ending

How-To (Step-by-Step)

  1. Find Lady Annika in the City of Mythringal.
  2. Go back to Manor and speak to her again, he mentioned that she want to dance again.
  3. Then go find Veiled Maiden in the City of Erlim, she will let you purchase Second Skin after you completed Annika’s quest.
  4. There is a breakable hidden wall inside one of the houses in Telwynill Village, another mirror teleporter can be found there, which will teleport you to the lock room in The Esk Manison.
  5. Speak to the ghost there and follow the skull’s traits, and after the boss fight, you get the Esk’s Left Eye.
  6. Travel to Bank of the Moonshade Lake and go right. Follow the skull traits and another boss fight. You get Esk’s Right Eye from it.
  7. With both Esk’s eyes, in the final battle select refuse, and you will fight Medeya in the end.
  8. A true ending is achieved!
Written by Cairn.L

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