Sunkenland – Beginners Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for New Players

Useful items (roughly in order) to go for

  • Barrels (storage that only costs metal).
  • Diving Fins ASAP (craft a wood spear and kill marlins — don’t chase them too much since they follow a set path, just stab them then wait for them to come back around to get them again).
  • Sack and backpack upgrades ASAP.
  • Gasoline powered boat (it runs a really long time and is really fuel efficient. 20 fuel turns into about 35 minutes, the boat is fast, has storage, doesn’t consume anything while idle, and lets you snipe enemies easily from the water if you want).
  • Reddot sight (trade from the floating shop near the starter island) which lets all your weapons hit enemies further away.

Useful structures to build early on

  • Furnaces (I build 3 to make smelting ore go faster).
  • Workbench (to research items).
  • Gun and Ammo workbenches (it’s really easy to repair broken guns you find).

Other tips

  • My favorite early game gun is flintlock pistol which you can buy from the floating shop. I also like the homemade revolver since you can make it early and cheaply from components and iron ingots, it fires six shots, reloads fast, and uses the same black powder ammo as the flintlock pistol.
  • You can harvest any scavengable object to 90%, save/quit/reload, and it will respawn full. This works on everything from tires (rubber), tool chests (components), dryers (cloth), to even things like safes (for valuable objects like rings and wine to sell for stuff to the shop). If you like to farm stuff this is a good way to do it.
  • A good farming location for scrap and rubber is radio island (east of starter island). A good location for food and valuable tradable objects is the top floor of stormborn outpost (SW of starter island).
  • Trees slowly respawn but if you like how they look you can leave the ones on your island alone and go to other islands. There is a lot more wood in the game than you will usually ever be able to use. I just take a boat and farm up then head back whenever I run out.
  • Branches, crabs, strawberries, mushrooms, ores, etc. all slowly respawn too.
  • Enemies that you kill do not seem to respawn, so once you clear a place you can safely build or explore there any time. Sometimes I’ll build a foundation and a few barrels next to a nice spot if it has things I want to harvest with the save/reload method.

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