Sunrider 4: The Captain’s Return – Unlimited Money Guide

This guide contain the hint how to get infinite money.

How to Get Unlimited Money


  • Play the game until you earn some credits and remember that number.
  • Save the game.
  • Open “This PC” or “My Computer”, depending on your OS. Show hidden files.
  • Go to:
    • C:\Users[Your user name]\AppData\Local\Sunrider_4_The_Captains_Return\saves
  • Open your save file with Notepad.
  • Search for that number and change it to your liking. In my text document, it’s somewhere at the beginning, without having to scroll down.


I figured out that we can also change affection points, HP, weapon damage, and other values in that text file. Affection point values can be seen if you scroll down a little bit. Unit stats are much further, after the voicelines.

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