Wildfrost – Achievement Guide

Guide to Obtain Achievements

Lone Survivor

  • Win a battle with just your Leader remaining

Pretty simple, just have every companion faint during battle and win.

High Roller

  • Buy 3 Charms from a single shop

Pretty simple since shops and charms aren’t often super game-changing, simply save up your moneey untill you have the money to buy 3 charms. Note that they get more expensive for each charm you buy at the same shop.

Feed the Beast

  • Feed the Muncher a Consume item

I don’t think any clan starts with a Consume item, so just try to get one early on and feed it to the Muncher. You can immediately abandon and restart the run if you want.

Gnome Friend

  • Spare the Naked Gnome

Rarely, on your first encounter only, you can encounter a Naked Gnome. It will always appear at the very start of the battle. If you manage to kill the boss without killing the gnome you will unlock this achievement!

Also the gnome will offer to join your team, but it’s pretty weak.

Long Live the King

  • Survive an attack from King Moko and win the battle

The best way to kill King Moko is to apply a lot of damage before he can trigger his insane attack.

I think the best way to get this is to place as many items as possible with Scrap (the brown hearts) instead of HP as this will decrease by 1 whenever they are hit, ignoring the attack stat. These items can also be buffed further with the Scrap Charm.

Optionally you can combine this with Block from Blunky.


  • Win a Daily Voyage

Beat the game on a daily challenge run.

One Punch

  • Defeat the Frost Guardian with a Scrappy Sword

A combination of Demonize and charms to boost the damage on your Scrappy Sword may be usefull here.


  • Achieve a 3 Win Streak

Just keep doing what you’re doing.


  • Defeat the Heart of the Storm

I assume this is a true final boss / true ending situation. Not sure yet how to achieve this.

Big Hitter

  • Deal 50 damage in a single hit

A combination of Monch or Yuki with Demonize makes this very easy.

Soulbound Skulls can also be used to deal 100 damage instantly to a target which will unlock this achievement and Bigger Hitter at the same time.

Bigger Hitter

  • Deal 100 damage in a single hit

Soulbound Skulls can be used to deal 100 damage instantly to a target.


  • Stack 20 Shroom on a single target

Pretty straight forward, tanking hits with Fungun is a great way to get this.

Snowball Fight

  • Stack 15 Snow on a single target

Snowcake is a very good way to start off getting this achievement as it adds 12 Snow. From there use anything else to stack up 3 extra Snow.


  • Stack 5 Block on a single target

Either pick a hero that can apply Block or repeatedly play and recall Blunky as the Block will not be reset when recalled.

Tough Nut

  • Stack 50 Shell on a single target

I’m not sure if enemies count for this. If they do then purposefully stalling out a Bolgo encounter may be a good way to get this.

If not, your best bet is likely Kernel as he offers a very easily repeatable method of stacking up Block.


  • Sacrifice 10 allies in a single battle

Any Shademancers deck should have a good shot at this, especially if you play around Monch and/or Chikichi.

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  1. For Sunbringer, you need to beat the game with each new difficulty bell. Once you have all three bells on for a run, you’ll see certain places glow. Go to them and you’ll be able to collect special items that can be used on the final boss to beat the game.

    • also I just tried using soulbound and twice it didn’t give me the achievement. While it says it deals 100 dmg, maybe you have to finesse it or something? Idk I killed two enemies with it yet it didn’t give it to me so maybe someone has some advice?

      • Okay so update to “Long Live the King” you need to kill him the same turn as his attack. Survive his 5 attacks and then kill him. The first time that I tried to get this achievement, I survived two of his onslaughts with enough scrap but couldn’t kill him until two turns after his second attack; with the game not giving me the achievement that first time. With the second time I better managed his hp and killed him after his attacks were finished.

  2. Tough nut is very easy with Kernal applied with lumin vase and a frost card for enemies or shell card, you only need to have him survive 7 hits.

  3. For Long Live the King, having Moko die in the middle of his attack seems to also count for the achievement.
    I made him attack one of those shades that apply Overburn on death, which killed him in return before he was done attacking and I got it.

  4. i got the long live the king achievement with the copy enemy (a shadow tribe card) on him and let the copy attack

  5. the heart of the storm require enable all three difficult bell then complete the bottle by enter the shiny location during the run, you can get a broken vase first then get the complete vase later. This will unlock the final boss fight

    For stacking 50 shell, i was lucky to get the Shelbo (5 shell for 2 damage) and the Moko charm (-2 dmg, +1 frenzy), that 10 shell in a row for nothing. It also trigger Kernel and Tiny tiko despite dealing 0 dmg

  6. I’m pretty sure I got Icemaster by using ice dice and having it hit a high block enemy,can’t recall a character of mine even getting 3 in that fight(it was the fight with the crabs and the boss with a ton of block)

  7. I was able to get Icemaster by repeatedly playing Blunky and discarding him, stacking the block higher every time.

  8. I got Big Hitter and Bigger Hitter when I got a Soulbind on an enemy, and then killed it, dealing 100 Damage to the team member who was Soulbond to it.

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