Super Mecha Champions – Ultimate Arthur Guide (From Beginner to Advanced)

General guide that can help beginners become more advanced Arthur players.

Definitive Guide to Arthur



This guide will not be going over positioning very much, that will be a different guide.

Some of these builds and techniques are subject to change due to patches and nerfs, as well as these builds are based off my opinion and performance, yet your opinion and performance may differ.

Basic Information

Before talking about modules, I absolutely have to talk about what you should know first about how Arthur, as a mecha, plays.

Arthur is a very psychologically challenging mecha for various reasons for you and your opponent.

Arthur’s main weapon is his movement and taking advantage of his opponents weaknesses.

Whether it be going under a hurricane, or waiting for a mecha to land, you have to know your match-ups and what your opponent will do 5 minutes before they do it.

Unfortunately I cannot go over specific match-ups in this video, as that would risk making a lot of information useless due to updates.

Eventually I may go over each match-up in their own unique videos.

Arthur has the exceptional ability to disengage from any situation and get away relatively quickly with the right skills.

Generally with Arthur you want to play a somewhat passive role that can add pressure to your opponents, while using movement to dodge and making smart advances.

As you approach, it may cause your opponent to make a deadly mistake and give you a golden opportunity to finish off the opponent.

Being aggressive with Arthur is not impossible but takes a lot of experience and knowledge about what you’re up against, so I wouldn’t advise shoving your face directly into your enemy upon seeing them, unless you know what you are doing.

Nothing is more annoying than getting paralyzed by an Arthur, so use that psychological weapon to your advantage.

You don’t always have to go in for a kill from a paralyze, as even hitting multiple beams from your paralyze is very strong in pressuring your opponent mentally.

Attack Module

I believe the best module to use is Frantic Charge.

Why? Frantic Charge at max tier gives nearly 14% increased damage to your Whirlwind Charge, at roughly 4.55% increments from green to blue, however purple is just below 14% damage at roughly 13.88%.

Lightning Blast can increase your paralyze duration, however at times it can be negligible, it is however more useful in Team Deathmatch, primarily due to how impactful making a stationary target is for you and your team.

Defense Module

I recommend Versatile Fighter since a 10 to 20% damage reduction is largely impactful considering how often you will use your Whirlwind Charge in and out of combat.

Whirlwind Charge is a good movement option and combat option, so you’ll be getting that bonus quite a lot.

Energy Conversion in my personal opinion is less impactful.

You can get 30 to 90% of your fuel expended, into your shield. However, because it can make you waste fuel out of desperation, as well as the fact that the amount of shield you get is negligible, that is why I can’t recommend it very much.

That’s not to say it’s useless, as it does have its moments, however it is a lot less likely to save you when you’re in a pinch.

Overall while Energy Conversion is neat to have if you expend all your fuel, Versatile Fighter should be what you use instead.

Propulsion Module

I would highly advise you to avoid using Blade Master and instead use Powerleap.

Why? Because as Arthur, movement is your best friend, and with enough practice, you will hit your beams without Blade Master fairly consistently.

Powerleap gives you access to a lot of places you may not be able to reach otherwise, while Blade Master can really mess up how you aim.

Why would it mess up your aim? Because changing the velocity of your weapons causes inconsistency in your play.

If you have a purple module one game, but only have blue or green the next, it will mess up your timing slightly.

Core Modules

Core Module 1 is your best module for Battle Royale, as it offers you a lot of movement and unpredictability, while also giving you frequent momentum boosts.

Core Module 2 is your best option (arguably) for Team Deathmatch, as putting more blades down range will help your team more in the long run.


Tech builds for Arthur are rather simple, for attack you can only go for short range damage or long range damage bonuses.

Fire rate, reload speed, and accuracy techs have no effect on Arthur, so don’t bother.

In terms of defense tech you can build towards movement speed, fuel, ability recharge and or shield, it’s really up to how you play and what you think will help you.

Pilot Abilities

One of, if not the best pilot abilities is Jiu Chong’s mantra, as it helps you kill pilots and chip away the health of any mecha during your approach.

Additionally you can use Rom’s skill for reduced combat skill cooldown, or Joanna’s fuel skill if you aren’t managing fuel well.

R.E.D.s skill may affect the paralyze, I’m not entirely sure because it used to in the past, however with extensive testing it didn’t seem to work, because if your opponent is on high ping, they get paralyzed after a while based on their ping, which makes the extra time nearly useless.

Blade Beam

Arthur’s Blade Beam has a few unique things about it.

His blade beam has one of the best pixel peeks in the game, as well as the fact that upon a successful hit, the opponent will get one stack towards Paralysis, with each stack lasting 3 seconds each.

After getting 4 stacks, you will inflict a paralysis for 2 seconds without Lightning Blast.

Generally speaking you’ll want to take advantage of his pixel peek the most.

Pixel peeking is the most annoying thing in the game, but it’s one of Arthur’s best friends so you might as well do it.

The best way to hit your blade beams is by understanding when your opponent is either low on fuel, or where they are about to land or dodge, as predicting them correctly is your best option.

It’s easier to predict where your target will be when they run out of fuel or have expressed an easy pattern.

Additionally Arthur’s Blade Beam is good at keeping you in the air, however when using it this way to attack, try not to use all your blade beams while being in the same spot.

The reason is because you are basically standing still, so limiting your blades from 1 to an absolute maximum of 3 while fighting, will yield the best results for you, unless you will definitely get a kill from doing more than 3.

I’d recommend trying to keep it to one or 2 blades each.


There are various sequences, but with Arthur you can cross over 200 meter gaps if done properly, however it isn’t very efficient with speed (Dash off a building, jump, wait, jump, right click, attack, right click, attack attack, dash, attack).

See video for visual example.

With Arthur’s dashes in both C1 and standard, you can jump right as you go down a ramp and gain a massive momentum boost, and maintain it with your double jump as you start to descend.

It can be life saving, as if you dash down a roof at Ayumi or at the edge of a structure, when you go on a decline you will inherit a lot of momentum after you jump, try doing it at Ayumi Castle and if you do it right, you will notice.

Additionally, Arthur’s dash can be turned in any direction during the duration of the dash, giving you a lot of ways to avoid shots and being less predictable.

You’ll be wanting to use Whirlwind Charge as an attack, escape, and movement option, as the burst of speed it gives you is very important to your mobility.

Launchpads and Springboards are easy to reduce your speed on.

Instead of dashing from a springboard, try to stay in the air using your double jumps, then use a dash at the very end to get the most distance.

The reason is because you get more momentum from the springboard than you do with a dash.


Generally speaking, Arthur is really bad at killing pilots.

Jiu Chong’s “Lightning Mantra” is very good at dealing with pilots.

An upside to Arthur’s blade beam, is that it has an easy time slipping through windows and doors, hopefully striking a pilot.

If you want to efficiently take down a pilot, throw out one to two blades, use whirlwind charge once, then repeat it.

Additionally, if you destroy a mecha with your blade beams, if you keep attacking the destroyed mecha before the pilot ejects, you will get a free hit on the pilot consistently without blade master.

Written by Aisha

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