Super Robot Wars 30 – How to Play?

How Does This Game Work?

Usually the series is story-focused, meaning you progress through the maps linearly, you can’t replay previous stages like in SD G Gen. However, it seems they redid this system in SRW 30, and now you can play groups of stages in any order you see fit, and even replay completed stages.

The story itself tries to gather together every series in the game, it’s not like in SD G Gen where you play as “invisible allies” in series-specific stages. For example: in SD G Gen you can fight in the Battle of A Baoa Qu (Gundam 0079) against the last of the Principality of Zeon forces, and only them. While in SRW, the Battle of A Baoa Qu may be happening at the same time as the White Fang Rebellion in Gundam Wing, or the Satellite Battle in Dragonar.

Also, SRW usually sidesteps era-specific stuff, so you can have Amuro fighting together with Usso (the conflicts they fought in are originally 70 years apart). They usually handwave the technology difference as it being prototypes or something of the sort. The same with Super Robot series, where every super robot is protecting Japan at the same time, while in their shows they were the only ones fighting. Sometimes you can have a nice bit of synergy, like Master Asia (G Gundam) knowing the El Dora Five (Gun x Sword) because they’re from a prior generation, Noriko (Gunbuster) being a fan of Mazinger Z, or Joe the Ace (MightGaine) being an ex-Federation pilot (Gundam) in the same unit as Graham Aker (Gundam 00).

Other differences are:

  • Destroyed mechs aren’t lost forever (you still need to pay a repair fee at the end of the stage).
  • Mechs are locked to certain pilots/settings (for example, Amuro can’t pilot a Gundam from Gundam SEED, Char can’t pilot Dancouga).
  • There are commands (think Magic from Final Fantasy) that give you certain buffs or even heal your mechs.
  • Some units can heal/resupply others.
  • There are limited deployment slots that change depending on the stage (in SD G Gen, usually it’s either 1 or 2 warships).
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