Super Robot Wars 30 – Super Expert Plus Tips

Tips for Super Expert Plus

Basic Strategy Tips

If you’ve managed to get to the point where enemies are going through hyperinflation in levels then your goal is only one thing. Survive and focus fire down one enemy unit, preferably making sure that unit has Gain/Cheer. That unit is now your dps and between it’s SP pool and higher stats, it should be able to whittle down the enemies using that unit whilst everyone else is basically cannon fodder for that unit until you manage to do it again. Whilst they’re cannon fodder, they don’t really have much purpose other than drawing fire and making sure your leveled unit can still do some damage every turn so don’t be afraid to literally defend and heal the next turn using spirits.

Once you get 3-4 units that can actually fight, the game’s difficulty should start to dive down and you can play as you would on Hard.

Edit: for clarity, since Super Expert + just came out, all the posts you see stating Super Expert is easy are probably referring to that difficulty instead, which without the added caveats of things costing more and exp being entirely changed is honestly quite easy because you get frontloaded with levels (and hence SP pools and spells) earlier on. Super Expert + is a different beast, albeit the same tactics for abusing the gameplay system are still possible.

Alternative Tips

Build Tanker Dreistreger and equip her with a bunch of defense support skills.upgrade AOS 75% heal Hanger + Repair . and let her keep the team alive from getting 2 hits kill.

Most real robots are useless in SExpert+, especially if they don’t have bullseye in the early games, so you should start building a top-tier super robot ,something like the Mighty Shin Getter Dragon asap so he can be a boss killer for you or you gonna have trouble on missions that have a time limit.

If you want to use cheer you have to level Dreistreger first so the red hair girl has enough SP to use it. Mitsuba has Intuition so she can last shot without a problem. you just sit and wait for SP to regen so Dreistreger can last shot. have fun skipping 20-30 turns to level up them.

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