Supernova Tactics – Petrify Build

Petrify / Phantom / Reflect build for easy clearing of Impossible difficulty.


The general idea of this build is to get a ton of mp generation, get Defender Bot to taunt all the enemies together, and then nuke everything down.

This has been the best build I could find so far, I have cleared impossible with it under 150 crystals.


* = On elite ability means the ability is not important. Just listing most impactful elite abilities.


  • Main DPS, Huge Nuker
  • Elite Ability: mp per hit

Defender Bot

  • Main Tank, Taunt + Invulnerable + Reflect
  • *Elite Ability: stun immune


  • DPS, Another Huge Nuker
  • Elite Ability: mp cost reduced


  • MP Generator
  • Elite Ability: mp cost reduce + attack speed

Xing Li

  • Backline DPS + Phantom Synergy
  • *Elite Ability: crit bonuses


  • Phantom Synergy
  • Elite Ability: mp cost reduced

Kiyqori (Take Over Yygri if He is Elite)

  • Alternate Phantom Synergy
  • Elite Ability: mp per hit


* = Recommended but not required for the build.

Tier 1:

  • Elune’s mana cost is reduced
  • *Mahzoon’s ability petrifies for longer
  • *Xing Li’s ability petrifies
  • *XR-42’s mana cost is reduced

Tier 2:

  • Elune counts as a Phantom
  • XR-42 counts as a Phantom

Tier 3:

  • Defender Bot reflects damage
  • XR-42 gives starting mana
  • *Elune gives mana regen
  • *Xing Li’s ability heals lowest ally


First Priority:

  • Mana Gain – mp per hit (the point of this build)
  • Gift Giver – Start with extra items (and extra max items at high waves!)

Second Priority – Economy:

(Get just enough defenses to survive the first 15 waves then focus on here)

  • Golden Gains – extra gold
  • Legendary Shop – extra legendary chance (very important, our top dps and tank are legendary)
  • Free Roller – extra rerolls (need those 3 stars)

Third Priority – Stat Buffs:

  • Armor
  • Health
  • Magic Resist
  • Attack Speed
  • Regeneration / Regeneration Range
  • Negate / Negate Crit
  • Magic Penetration


Because we have two mimes you only want 2 equipable items that are not general only. (Only want the best items copied).

Equipable: (2 of the 3)

  • Heart of Stone: stun + petrify protection (on Defender Bot)
  • Mana Storm: ability damage (on Mahzoon)
  • Storm Builder: lose 1 range, gain mp per hit and attack speed (on Mahzoon)


  • Learned Knowledge: mp per second
  • Forced Knowledge: mp per attack
  • Hoarder: damage per passive
  • Self Starter: bonus defenses if no items equipped
  • Swift Mobilization: attack speed

General Only:

  • Aegis: damage reduction
  • Rebirth: second life

Enemy Buffs

Always Take:

  • Lower your dodge and parry (not used in this build)
  • Attack Speed (more reflection)
  • Armor (most damage is from magic)
  • Healing Reduced
  • Shop/Gold Debuffs (once you get all units 3 star)


  • Enemies start with mana
  • Chance to negate extra crit damage
  • Lower players mana per attack
  • Ability fizzle
  • Auto attacks silence

General Tips

  • Always keep 50 gold for max interest.
  • Protection skill is amazing, I use Shot in the Dark as my backup.
  • QT314 and any assassin is a good start.
  • Watch General position vs assassins. (I keep at least 1 unit behind the general).
  • When things get hard watch for enemy Elune/Vixenda and possibly skip the wave.
  • XR-42 between Elune and Mahzoon for quick aoe.
  • 3 star all items after all team (6 units) is at least 2 star.

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