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Frequently Asked Questions

Never played any previous episode of Sword and Fairy, and never played any real time action game either, can I play Sword and Fairy 7 and understand the story well?

  • All the Sword and Fairy episodes can be played separately, there is no understanding obstacles, each episode is an independent story.
  • According to the play progress, there will be a help or guide info popping up on the right side of the screen, of course you can check the that information in the “Help” section.

What is the official system requirements for this game?

Why does the game crash during playing?

  • The game supports the latest Ray Tracing, probably your Windows hasn’t been up to date, doesn’t have the necessary component DXR1.1 for running it. Please update Windows 10 to the 20H or above.

Which drive for NVIDIA graphic card do I need?

  • Suggest upgrade to 496.13 or above. Upgrade by running the GeForce Experience app or going to the official website of NVIDIA.

Why does the game start lagging even my graphic card meets the running requirements?

  • Please check if the independent graphic card is activated. For instance by NVIDIA, go to the “NVIDIA control panel”, click to enter “3D management settings”, click “Preferred graphic processor” and click “NVIDIA high performance graphic processor”.

Does Sword and Fairy 7 lock the fps?

  • The fps can be either auto matching your displays or manually set in the game. the charts below for more information.
  • When you are using a high refresh display, please pay more attention to the heat dissipation, avoid locking fps at 60 by overheated.

Is Vertical Sync available for Sword and Fairy 7?

  • It can be switch on or off in the settings of the game.

Why is the full screen display color different from the windowed mode?

  • We found this issue occurs when changing the settings of NVIDIA control panel, please set the settings to default on NVIDIA control panel.

What OS I need to use for this game? What plug-ins I need to run this game properly?

  • OS needs to be Windows 10 64bit or above.
  • Plug-ins: Unreal4Launcher Prerequisite Visual C++ DirectX 11

Is it possible to run this game on Windows 7?

  • We already tested this game on Windows 7, a part of players could run this game, but we do not guarantee using windows 7. Windows 10 is our recommended OS for this game, more stable and more reliable.

How does the data saving work in the game?

  • Except in the CG, battle, you can save the game anytime. This game has auto-saving function in some certain scene, but we always recommend you to save manually, in case you lose the gaming progress.

Why the game crashes when I start it?

  • In the circumstance that all your software and hardware are both enough for running this game, please check drives for your PC, right click “This PC” – “Manage”. check “Device Manager” to see if there is any question marks or exclamation marks, and update them to the latest.

Why the game looks blurry even all my hardware requirements meet the needs?

  • Right click the desktop, select “Display settings”, and check if the “Scale and Layout” is set to 100%.

Lagging and low frames on laptops?

  1. Plug in power, select “Performace mode” in “Power saving, balance, performance” setting.
  2. Check if you are currently switched to integrated graphics.

How do I change the resolution in full screen play?

  • This game uses the resolution of your desktop when in full screen play, it cannot be changed, if you want to change it, please change the resolution of your desktop, also if you set “Scale and Layout” in “Display settings”, the resolution will follow the settings of it.

How do i maximize the effect of Ray Tracing?

  • We highly recommend you to switch on “DLSS” if you are running under 1080P and Ray Tracing on. It can optimize the ram of GPU max, decline the chances of game crash.

Recommended settings of DLSS:

  • Resolution: Below 1920×1080 Level: Off
  • Resolution: 19201080 – 25601440 Level: Quality
  • Resolution: 25601440 – 38402160 Level: Performance
  • Resolution: Above 38402160 Level: Ultra Performance

How does it perform when switching ON/OFF DLSS?

Please check the official testing data chart below:

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