Tales of Autumn – All Logging Locations

A simple guide with all stumps big and small.

Locations of All Logging

All Wood

Currently there is only one type of wood in the game. It is a good idea to stock up by mining all locations every day.

Wood Value: 1

All Stump Locations

Logging drops are random, but the upper limit seems to increase based on what skills you pick. My logging skills are maxed out, and I find small stumps will provide 1-15 fairly regularly. The highest amount of wood I was ever able to mine was 34. Large stumps seem to drop less, I have never harvested one more than 10 times. Overall, even though large stumps drop 2 wood for each hit, you will end up getting most of your wood from small stumps due to longer harvesting times.

East of the Apothecary you will find one small stump.

North on the Dirt Path there is a small pond that is unlockable after you remove the large stump blocking its way. There are two small stumps here.

In the center of the Swamp, you will find two large stumps.

On the West side of the Swamp, you will find one large stump.

The Northeast corner of the Forest has one small stump.

The East side of the forest, right near the entrance and the Forest Plot, there is one small stump and one large stump.

Northwest on the Forest Path there are two small stumps.

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