Taora – Gameplay Tips

I’m here to help with the tips.

Beginners Tips and Tricks

  • If the material for the quest is clogged in the beginning, please take apart all the clothes you are wearing and make the quest a success. (How to decompose: Shiftkey+right click)
  • Zombies run when they are found in sight to some extent. But I don’t know how to approach from behind (unless you run)
  • If you’re just aiming, hold the right mouse tightly. However, if you want to zoom in, just click the right mouse once.
  • It seems that the green card doesn’t come out now. Developer adds!
  • Do you want to sell goods? Go to joe’stavern. Please press the item you want to buy from npc. You can sell things there.
  • In this game, you don’t have to change your tools when digging rocks or trees. It’s very convenient.
  • Do you want to go into the bunker? However, if you don’t have a certain amount of weapons or equipment, it will hurt a lot and you may die. If you are in the early stages, please bring a lot of first aid kits. Clearing the bunker spills a very good and wonderful reward.
  • Are you curious about how to shoot skills? It depends on the person! If I were you, I would focus on intelligence and agility and master utility functions first.
  • This game also has a head shot when you put your heads together. Please aim for the head shot as much as possible.
  • All proximity weapons have the same or similar attack speed. You can simply use strong weapons.
  • It seems that there are no parts that can produce weapons yet. As expected, the developer will add it!
  • Dig a lot of wood and iron ore. Please pick up a lot of old iron. I use it a lot. If you don’t want to have a hard time later, please pick it up a lot.
  • The categories that can be deployed are not the number of reunions. So please arrange it carefully. I can’t get rid of it.

Gameplay FAQ

How can I assign jobs to NPC workers in the game after completing the tutorial?

After completing the tutorial, return to your base, go to the main tent, click on the setting board on the right side of the main tent, and choose jobs for your NPC workers. Remember to supply their loadout with food and water when you assign them with jobs.

Where is the best place to find important items in the game, and how can I ensure that my loot is secure when fighting within the bunker and/or other locations around the map?

The bunker location has important loot. To secure your loot, buy at least 8 chests and place them on the outskirts of the bunker base. As long as your loot is in the chests and you save the game before leaving, the chests won’t despawn.

How can I grind for supplies in the bunker area, and is there a specific strategy?

To grind for loot in the bunker base, walk or drive away until the bunker is out of view. Then return, and all the enemies will respawn. This is a legitimate in-game strategy until it’s nerfed.

What kind of loot can I find on NPC enemies in the game, and where are they usually located?

NPC enemies carry good loot such as guns, ammo, large bags, and food. They are commonly found in enemy territories throughout the game locations around populated zombie spawns.

Where can I find vehicle spawns in the game?

  • Tow Truck: Mainly spawns within the construction site area.
  • Dodge Charger: Spawns at the back of the police station and/or in enemy territories.
  • 18-Wheeler: Not in the game yet; shown in the trailer but not added to the servers.
  • Work Van: Random locations, mainly at the radiational pipe place.
  • Coupe Car: Mainly spawns within enemy territories.
  • Big Red Muscle Car: Spawns mainly within territories, farmlands, and mainlands.
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