The Tribe Must Survive – How Does Medicine Work

Medicine Explained

There are currently two types of medicine: Yellow + Green.

Yellow medicine you get from harvesting mushrooms. You can use yellow medicine in one of two ways.

  • If you use it in rituals at the Spirit Lodge it progresses the faith Servants of the Shepard.
  • If you go to the second tab in the spirit lodge and set a percentage of the medicine to be distributed daily rather than stockpiled for rituals you get a camp-wide buff to productivity that as far as I understand scales based on the amount of yellow medicine you’re producing and the percentage you’re distributing.

Green medicine you get from harvesting frogs. It is used primarily in two ways.

  • If you use it in spirit lodge rituals it progresses the faith Disciples of the Beast.
  • If you set it to be distributed daily rather than stockpiled for rituals it gives you a camp-wide buff that lowers the fear of every member in the tribe.

There are also a few events in the game which ask for/can be solved with green medicine (there are currently no yellow medicine events that I’ve come across but I suspect there will be in the future) so its a good idea to try and stockpile a bit of green medicine that you save for those events rather than use in rituals.

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