Tap Wizard 2 – Mirror Trait Combination List (Third Era)

All Mirror Trait combinations (That I know of!).

List of All Mirror Trait Combinations

The List

The following is 3rd Era

Infinite Statuses

  • Elemental Chaos
  • Elemental Decay
  • Elemental Assumption
  • Status Fiend
  • Primordial Boost
  • Essence of Glutton (Possibly applies statuses, needs verification!)


  • Acrobatics
  • Encouragement
  • Death Defiance
  • Recuperation
  • Flyweight
  • *Copycat
  • *Totemic Shadow
  • *Totem Whisperer

*Note: Copycat depends on certain traits, Totemic Shadow depends on certain Totems, Totem Whisperer increases totem spawn rate.


  • Retribution
  • Specialist
  • Golden Envy
  • Status Frenzy
  • Thick Headed
  • Giant Slayer
  • Mortician
  • Fade Death
  • Magical Absorption
  • Arcane Surge
  • Wind Up
  • Essence of Glutton
  • *Copycat
  • *Totemic Shadow
  • *Totem Whisperer
  • *Elemental Inversion

*Note: Reference above note. Elemental Inversion increases Casting Speed by 10%, and inverts Purity & Overload, allowing Overload to behave like Purity, and vice versa, which can be very powerful with the right spells.


  • *Obliteration
  • *Death Defiance

*Note: They are both required for this Combination, but it works very well.


Note 1

Combination names are merely something I came up with, they are not official, and should not be taken as such.

Note 2

Not all of the combinations are possible. This is meant more as a guideline to nudge you in the direction of certain perk combinations to consider.

Note 3

The Game Version below (Page Bottom) is intended to tell readers what version this was last edited at.

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