Terra Invicta – Biggest Super State Possible

How to Create the Biggest State Possible in Terra Invicta

  1. Control China.
  2. Research Pan-Asian Combine.
  3. Absorb everything via war or unification diplomacy it gives claims on into China, except for Taiwan.
  4. Meanwhile, research Greater Indonesia and Greater Austronesia.
  5. Control Indonesia.
  6. Absorb everything else in Asia that PAC does not have claims on ex-Taiwan and ex-India. At this point in time, nothing in game gives claims on India.
  7. Research Reclaiming Mainland China.
  8. Unify PAC into Taiwan, must be done peacefully or you get baseline China.
  9. Unify Taiwan into Indonesia.
  10. Research the Caliphate projects, and Greater African Union.
  11. Claim Ethiopia.
  12. Absorb the other states to form United Africa.
  13. Absorb Indonesia.


(Bonus) pry regions off India using claims from China, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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