The Agnietta: The Holy Healer & The Cursed Dungeon – World Map

This map helps note connections from one area to another as well as key items necessary (or not) to proceed.

The Map

Some Things to Note:

  • The boob monster is right next to the tentacle suit. Take this back to stonehead (purple room) to start the lactation quest. This will get you access to the lactation skill, bottles, and the tentacle bikini. Continue to rest after being caught multiple time and you will get more milk bottles.
  • After beating the stone head (helmet boss in map), you will receive a purple stone. Take that to Phara to start a boss fight. This should be where Memory Fragment 5 and other skills are obtained.
  • If doing a virgin run, after getting the goddess earrings, take them to 100Wan in the left wing of the goddess statue. He will activate it and it will make the next part easier.

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  1. Map needs abyssal cage chest labeled it’s sort of south of the Divine Disc, it is labeled as empty but requires following a quest to be not empty.

  2. Memory Fragment 5 is located in Abyssal Cage. After you get taken/transported by the shadow, go right. Will need a key. It’s the room to left of “Shadow Lair” and above “Use Divine Disc” text.

  3. the “Purple Crystal” is used with the Hypnnohood to remove collar, tentacle suit and panties and Nipple Chain. You need to bring the Ritual Relic to Phara. You find it where you first meet the Goat Priest. You will find it on the second visit there.

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