The Baby in Yellow – How to Get Celestial Spinner

This guide is for people like me who try to get as many achievements as they can, but maybe are missing one or two.

Guide to Get Celestial Spinner


In the Black Cat Chapter, either The Laboratory or Worlds Collide, the Globe of Carcosa appears. It is a gold globe with a single island on it. That’s it.

Unlocking the Door

As you enter the Alchemy Room, turn left. There should be a door which requires a green moon key.

To get the moon key, you must first:

  • Brew the magnet potion, which is red+blue reagents. After you get the pink potion, feed it to the baby, and the pink key will be magnetised to the baby, allowing you to grab it and unlock the kitchen, which is next to the toy box (or near the door with the dead flower on it).
  • Grab the valve handle off the bench and put it on the missing pipe, next to the room we need to get into (In the kitchen, you can also get 3 extra achievements, but I’ll only say one. In the top part of the fridge, There is a turkey. Putting it in the oven and closing the door will cook it, but after cooking it, doing it again will cause the oven to burp, and spit out a half eaten turkey.).
  • Put the baby underneath the pipe, and quickly feed the baby the magnet potion, and then turn the valve. The key should appear.
  • Unlock the door.

Finding the Globe

As you enter the library, turn right. there should be a chair next to a pink candle. Near that chair is a shelf on the wall. On it there is the globe. And that’s it! Spin the globe, and the achievement is yours!

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