The Beginner’s Guide – Game Crashing Fix

If you have a CPU with more than 12 cores, then you will find the game crashing a second or two after launching. The guide provides a quick fix for it.

The Game Crashes a Few Seconds after Lunch?

More Money More Problems

If you have a 16-core CPU, the game will crash shortly after lunch. For now, the game engine does not support CPUs with more than 12 cores. The quick workaround is to limit the number of cores in msconfig.

Here’s a guide to do that in Windows:

  • Accessing msconfig: Press Windows + R, type ‘msconfig’ and click ‘ok’
  • Select the “Boot” tab
  • Click on Advanced options, a new window will popup
  • Limiting CPU Cores: Check the ‘Number of processors’ box and from the drop down window select 8, then press ok to close the popup
  • Finally, click ‘apply’ or ‘ok’, then restart your PC

After restarting, you can verify the change in the task manager. Go to the task managers performance tab, click CPU and under the graph, it should now display ‘Cores: 4’

Now, the game should work.

Once you’re done playing the game, DO NOT FORGET to go back to msconfig, uncheck the Number of processors box, and restart your PC to restore all cores.

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  1. I’m running under Archlinux. I tried setting my launch options to `taskset -c 0-7 %command%`. Unfortunately it’s still producing this issue.

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