The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters – How To Get Ending A (Good Ending)

A helpful guide to achieve the Good Ending in Vicious Sisters by someone who did get it.

Good Ending Guide

Things You Should Know

First of all I’d like to remind you that there is no need to compleete all to do lists to get Ending A. It sure helps to have a full life though, but you can still achieve Ending A with full permanent health dammage.

What you do need however is to pick up three specific items before the end of the game. If you fail to do so you will get Ending B by default since there is only two Endings.

Now, before we begin, a few tips:

  • If you hear high heels, run the other way, no question asked.
  • You can easily avoid miss song and return to the floor you want by changing floors, waiting and then returning, as long as she doesn’t notice you.
  • Toilets are your best friend, if you can, chek out all stalls before miss song appears or when she isn’t here so the locked stalls will be indicated when you need to hide and you don’t have to loose time cheking them (same goes for closets and cupboards)
  • Vending machines are nice, but you can find mace, drinks, food and healing supplies in bags all the time, so keep your coins fo when you really need it.
  • Save as often as you can so you don’t loose all progress if you get killed.
  • If you want to keep all five health points, complete the to do’s before escaping/changing to a new location or you’ll get hurt by song when leaving.

Ending A

First Item

The first item must be retrieved before escaping Sewa Hospital or at last before speaking to Yaesol when she appears in section B of the Sewa High Gymnasium.

This item isn’t the object needed to defeat Vicious Sister, rather it gives access later on to a specific scene in which you will recieve the object you need.

To get this item you must return to the Dokkaebi Market after escaping it but preferably before leaving the hospital since it is easier then.

The item won’t be available until you escaped the market so the best window to pick it up is after entering the subway station but before escaping the hospital.

This item is located inside the butcher’s shop at the top level of Dokkaebi Market.

This item might be the trickiest to find since it must be picked up very early in the game.

The Item

The item you need to pick up is the Spectral Incense belonging to Jang-Mi.

Second Item

The second and third items are found at the last location of the game.

To access the second item you need to enter the wright burrow in the old school giving access to a room full of mismatched doors and hiding Shadows.

When entering this room, The Noteman will speak to you giving you a puzzle to get to the item.

Hint: Skip the doors painted red when counting or it won’t work.


Fourth door from the left then third door form the left then fifth door from the left always going back to the left of the room, and you will get to the morgue. Remember to skip the red-painted doors when counting

Third Item

As far as I know, this item needs to be picked up in order to progress in the game, but there is a tricky puzzle to solve in order to get it.

When in the old school, the ground floor leads you to a room where you need to hide in order to escape Miss Song, with no possibility to run and an instant game over when caught.

After passing the room, save quickly but don’t move further than the book before you are ready because a timer will start in which you need to solve the puzzle before Song breaks through the door and kills you.

The clue to the puzzle can be found in one of the old classrooms before going to the ground floor.


To solve the puzzle, light a spectral match betwen the doll and the shelf to reveal a concealed interraction much like the hidden keys back in Dokkaebi Market.

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