Breeders of the Nephelym – Guide to Recent Update’s Changes

If for whatever reason you haven’t checked the patch notes for the most recent update or like me, you think they left out a couple of details, this guide aims to solve those problems, however, I will try to not spoil anything so if spoilers is what you’re looking for, well, this ain’t the guide for it, still, it’s not like this game has much lore to spoil.

Recent Update’s Changes

Name-Changed Stuff

In order to understand this update properly, you must know which names they changed, otherwise, you’ll be lost like a headless snake.

Surprise s3x was changed to wild s3x.

Loyalty is now Exitement.

One thing to know is that both have changed in terms of what they do but more on that one later.

Changes to Stats

Oh I love these, long gone are the days where stats were nothing more than shiny numbers with near-insignificant impact in surprise s3x, that has changed big time, not only are they essential for wild s3x now but they also affect breeding at the ranch, each individual stat has a different effect and even a rank (no, really, they have ranks now), to avoid confusing people, I will discuss how they affect breeding and wild s3x in their individual sections -speaking of…

Wild s3x (Formerly Surprise s3x)

This one also took a big change, one that I absolutely love, mouse buttons rejoice as the need to click like a maniac to resist climax is gone, adios baby. Now wild s3x wins are decided by the stats of each mate, now there are 5 primary stats, the “value” stat is gone in this function, I only saw it briefly while checking a preference stat, more on that later. Now, to win surprise sex without a cheat, you need to have at least 3 stats higher than your mate’s, the climax box has changed accordingly, now it shows each stat with a greyish bar filling up, eventually turning green if your stat is higher or red if theirs is higher -you don’t want three red bars amigo, that’s bad news. The problem here is that at the start of the game, your stats will be a super low 5 in value, this increases to 30 once you have s3x the first time, doesn’t matter if it’s a lost wild s3x or at the breeding yard, best way is to catch Foxen and Vulwarg with fluids to breed with them at the yard and level up that way, I’ll explain why at the Lust section. In short, win means you can catch the Nephelym if you have the proper housing, Lose however and you can’t.

Breeding Yard

The breeding yard has seen two changes, Loyalty is now Exitement, this gives a small increase to the Nephelym’s stats but will decrease if they don’t mate for an in-game day but that’s about it. The other change was the introduction of preferences, I’m still testing this, so far, I have only spotted these on offspring and has a small impact on experience and Exitement gain though it’s barely noticeable at all, should I find something new about this (which I doubt so far) I’ll update it here. By the way, you only lose lust if you participate in the mating, so if you mate two foxen together, you don’t lose lust but if you mate with one of them, you do.


Lust hasn’t changed much but oh man do I hate this change. Now, winning wild s3x won’t recharge your lust but losing at it will still drain it… see why I told you to catch Nephlym with fluids yet? “So how do I recharge lust” some might ask, well, sleep, that’s the only way to recharge lust now. You lose lust when you receive BJs, mate at the breeding yard, have s3x with a blessed Nephelym such as Falene or lose wild s3x, yet, the only way to recharge it is to sleep… see why I hate this change?


Yes, even harvesting had it’s changes but this one’s a nice change. You used to lose lust for harvesting fluids, well not anymore, only the Nephelym you harvest from loses lust, there is also an option now to give or receive BJs with the selected Nephelym, watch it though, getting a BJ from them will cost you lust.

Daily Toy

I read this on the patch notes, what I didn’t see there was how on Lyrcea does that work but I figured it out. This, according to Leylana, is a Hedon town tradition when someone offers themselves tobe some form of s3x toy, which apparently means standing around waiting for someone (usually the breeder) to come for s3x, it’s easy to find, head to town, pass the fountain and keep going, you’ll run into it shortly after the fountain. Who’s the daily toy changes to a random girl on an in-game daily basis, unfortunately, using this costs lust, my recommendation? Leave this for last of the last things on your list, no benefit to it other than watching a s3x scene with Falene or some other Hedon resident.

FxF s3x

No, it’s not a joke, check the patch notes if you don’t believe me… girl on girl s3x is now possible via wild s3x… I have mixed “feelings” here, while it’s a nice fit, it also breaks the balance between genders, not there was one, Futas were kinda OP being able to mate with every gender, now, so can females while males are left with only females and futas but other males? You need milk, if you’ll play male, stock up on milk, you’ll need it to catch male Nephelym. In short, selecting male is kind of selecting hard or challenge mode.

World Levels

If this update has taught me anything is that oh man do I hate this change! This is precisely why I made this guide in the first place, if the community forums are anything to go by, this has caused plenty of confusion and honestly, I see why so let’s crack this egg of hell no wide open, shall we?

The days of buying trait levels from Emissary are gone, now we have world levels to worry about and let me be the one to tell ya, this sux balls in a bad way. First, world level isn’t global, it’s independent of Nephelym race, let’s take the Foxen and Vulwarg as an example for now, you’ll realize why later, for say you caught a Foxen and a Vulwarg, each will have their traits but both races are at trait level one, so how do you raise the level? Go to your barn and release them into the wild, that’s the only way to gain world exp, problem is, level is individual so if for example you released three Foxen, the foxen world level increases but not the Vulwarg level, see why people are confused yet? If not, then this may do the trick, the world level affects which traits the Nephelym have and their level, yes, the trait’s level, the higher the world level, the higher the chances for a Nephelym with higher level traits to show up in the wild. Now, you can increase wold exp faster by releasing offspring and/or pregnant Nephelym into the wild but much like your general level, the required exp increases each level, need I remind that this has to be done for every single race?


Tentacles affect females and futas and act as s3xual traps, this can be useful if a female or futa is chasing you but you just want to head back home, just lure her and tentacles will trap her, depending on the Nephelym’s size, these can do intercourse, oral or both and different sizes have different poses with these tentacles; female and futa breeders, be careful with them, tentacle sex reduces lust, you don’t want to get caught without lust, if you do, you’ll wake up with the reaper on you. One last thing, tentacles won’t engage in s3x until they sprout out of the ground completely but they can block your path, turn around them or wait for them to sprout completely, your choice. While these tentacles have a source, I will not spoil it.

Floating Island and Seraphim location

There is a floating island now, this is Sensual Heavens, new home to the Seraphim, you won’t find them anywhere else now but oh man the view form up there is a beauty, don’t wanna spoil it, unfortunately, the only way to get there is via pvssy portals or a light portal near the Pyramids at Lewd Desert, very close by the Starfallen spawn zone, just look for a bright Cyan light and interact with it, that will send you to Sensual Heavens.


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  1. there should be a Lamia near the pu ssy portal in the desert region, shes the one to contact to begin activating them, at least IF he didnt change it from how it worked before.

  2. ok trait and world level things is clear as mud i got level 4 but cant pass on rank two traits yet? when they spawn world level 2

    • If you mean passing it on to an offspring, that’s unfortunately a random thing, gotta get lucky, also, some ranks are really hard to find in the wild, I suspect that higher world levels increase the chance but this is still a theory in testing, I’ll update as soon as I have a conclusion on this.

    • Oh bad news bro, you gotta reach Lewd Desert first, there is a Lamia next to it’s portal, basically a half human half snake race of Nephelym, you need to talk and have s3x with her to activate the portals, gotta reach Lewd Desert First though.

  3. there should be a Lamia near the pu ssy portal in the desert region, shes the one to contact to begin activating them, at least IF he didnt change it from how it worked before.

    • My recent tests say “No, he didn’t change it”, I’ll be exploring the matter in a couple of days

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