The Crackpet Show – 100% Full Achievement Walkthrough Guide

This is a complete 100% guide to The Crackpet Show. Some achievements can only be done in co-op but they are all very simple to achieve.

How to Obtain All Achievements


This guide covers every achievement with tips on how to get them. The four sections in this guide are:

  • Bosses.
  • Easy to Get.
  • RNG.
  • Multiplayer.


First Section is bosses, Most are fairly easy but some can be a challenge without a decent setup, so I’ll try to give a tip (bosses are in order).

Season 1

Toad Slayer – Kill the Mega Toad Boss

  • Has a jumping attack that turns into a double jump attack during second phase so dodge roll often.

Sludge Cleaner – Kill the Sludge Swine Boss

  • Very slow boss, pretty easy to take out.

Holy Moly – Kill Epix Mole Boss

  • Goes under ground often and doesn’t take damage underground so try to have a high DPS weapon like the Venom or Love Spreader to take him out quicker, second phase has an area of effect attack.

Fitless – Kill Body Positive Hamster Boss

  • Shoots a seed attack in a rotational pattern but a fairly easy boss, first level fighting a miniboss (two of a weaker Swine Boss).

Dewormed – Kill Wormy Cat Boss

One of the easiest bosses in the game, no tip needed.

Party Over – Kill DJ Horse Boss

  • A Mark Gun with either a fast firing gun like the Machine Gun or Lucky Gun will put this boss down quickly, even quicker with a damage boost!

Season 2

Flush the Toilet – Kill Toilet Monkey Boss

  • An boss that shoots several AoE attacks and jumps at you aswell, A fast firing gun with the lava damage and either item that makes you invincible (Terminator or Taunt) will make extremely quick work of him.

From Dusk Till Down – Kill Mad Bat Boss

  • Probably the hardest boss in the game currently, shoots several projectiles at you including a AoE line attack as well as chases you, in a room full of spikes. I recommend having the Steel Shoes perk to make this fight much easier.

Emotional Killer – Kill Emo Hedgehog Boss

  • This boss constantly chases you while shooting projectiles but much easier then the Bat boss, He moves in a straight line until he hits a wall so have him move across the room while firing at him with a high damage gun like a Sniper Rifle or Mega Rail Gun.

Interregnum – Kill Junk Queen Boss

  • A boss that spawns smaller minion enemies, Love Spreader should do the trick on this boss and it’s minions fairly quickly.

Failed Experiment – Kill Lionstein Boss

  • This boss has a 4-way laser attack so move around him while shooting, I recommend the venom with lava bullets on this boss.

Break the Glass – Kill Ass’inGlass Boss

  • Final boss currently, has an assortment of attacks but stays in place (to my knowledge). However this stage is filled with several minibosses so be ready and only do rooms with weapons or perks.

Easy to Get

These achievements are pretty much guaranteed, no RNG here!

Good Student – Complete the Tutorial

  • First thing you do.

Better Safe Than Sorry – Take two weapons in lobby

  • You can do this instantly from the lobby, just grab any weapon class and drop the weapon by pressing the middle mouse button on Mouse and Keyboard, or Y/Triangle on controller and then grab another classes weapon.

Newbie – Do 1 Run

  • You don’t have to complete, you can instantly leave it if you want.

Rookie – Do 10 Runs

  • You can keep restarting the episode you are on to do this, don’t even need to move from the starting room.

Stubborn – Do 50 Runs

  • Same as Newbie/Rookie achievements.

Marathoner – Do 100 Runs

  • Keep on restarting or play 100 rounds either one works 🙂

Free Marketeer – Sell a Weapon In The Shop

  • Can be any weapon except for the four starter weapons.

Uselessness – Destroy 100 Barrels

  • Barrels are on just about every floor, just walk into or shoot them until you get 100.

Rambo – Kill 1000 enemies

  • Each episode has more rooms so just keep doing the latest episode you have until you get, helps if you choose the rooms with the purple flames because they spawn more enemies.

Can’t Touch This – Defeat any boss without using dash

  • Just have high health and fight either of the first 2 bosses without dodging, You can also use the tank class for its taunt ability to avoid all damage for a few seconds.

Trapper! – Get Killed by a Trap

  • As simple as it gets, just stand on a trap until you die (don’t kill all enemies in a room or else traps deactivate).

Oniomania – Spend total 10k in shop

  • Keep buying from shops until you reach, can be done from multiple runs.

Survival Instinct – Kill 30 enemies at one health without healing

  • First room of first episode just have an enemy bring you to half a full heart (1 hit) not one full heart (2 hits) and then go through the episode without picking up any hearts or going to a healing room.

Well, that was impressive – Get Killed by a Rat

  • One of the first enemies you encounter, the rat with the poking stick, just kill all shooting enemies on a floor and let the rat poke you to death.

Arms Dealer – Sell 20 weapons in shop

  • Just go to a weapons floor and then the sell to any shop until you get it.

Speedrunner – Complete any level within 5 mins

  • Easiest with first level, just rush through it.

Risk-Taker – Finish run without picking up any weapon, special item or healing heart

  • Easiest with first level, can do this one with Speedrunner.

Flawless Victory – Complete a level without taking damage

  • You can even go 3 for 3 with Speedrunner and Risk-Taker, I recommend tank for its invincibility item.

You know you can switch weapons, right? – Kill any boss using only class weapon

  • You don’t need to use a starter weapon for every other enemy, just the boss, Easy on the first two bosses.

MacGyver – Use 10 different specials

  • Use 10 different items, don’t even need to use against enemies.


These achievements are pretty much RNG but most of them are easily attained.

Rising Star – Get 1000 Likes On A Level

  • Easy to get, just don’t go to a shop until the final shop, or sell as many weapons as possible.

Influencer – Get 3000 Likes On A Level

  • Same method as Rising Star but I would also do Like Earning Rooms, these are the rooms with the thumbs up.

Celebrity – Get 5000 Likes On A Level

  • Same as other two, if you get a golden gun I recommend saving it until you get to a shop, they normally sell for 5000+.

Meat Shield – Get hit 20 times in single run

  • This one requires a bit of healing which some runs can be RNG, I’d start as a medic and hope for a run with several healing floors and shops and just allow yourself to be hit several times.

Pacifist – Clear room without using any weapons or offensive items

  • This to my knowledge can only be achieved by an RNG sponsor ability that instantly ends a room.

Instagram Model – Get max possible points in Social or Fame room

  • Can be done in the earlier episodes fairly easily, but also works with Pacifist achievement.

Shifty – Sell the Golden Gun in shop

  • RNG to find it, but guaranteed shop at end of episode.

Life Beyond the State – Buy the Golden Gun in shop

  • Not only does the store need to have one, but you’ll also need the money to get it, so really can only be done in the last few episodes. Grab as many purple weapons as possible and sell them as well as doing like gaining floors.

Midas Touch – Get 100 Kills With The Golden Gun

  • A very weak weapon with low chances of finding it in weapon rooms, get as many damage dealing perks as you can, or rapid firing ones.

Have A Blast – Kill 3 Enemies with a single mine

  • I recommend the second to last episode and killing all enemies on a floor except the turkey enemy and let them shoot the little ones out until 3 are spawned then use the floor mine item on them.

Fashionista – Get boots and use invisibility special

  • All RNG 🙂

Golden Shot – Kill yourself with the Stimpack

  • Find the stimpack item and then let enemies get you to half a heart, use the stimpack EZ.

Thiccc – Have both skin perks at a time

  • More RNG 😐

Anger Management – Get both low health perks active

  • RNG and then you have to get to a low enough health to activate both perks.

Perk Master – Unlock all perks

  • RNG getting all perks.

Weapon Master – Unlock all weapons

  • RNG getting all weapons.

Items Master – Unlock all Items

  • RNG getting all items.


These ones can be done by yourself or with friends on keyboard/controller. There also seems to be guides on how to do online multiplayer but I have not tested these methods.

I Need A Hero – Revive a friend

  • Simply let one person die and stand over them to revive them.

Dead Weight – Die 3 times in a run in coop in a single room

  • Once you revive someone they respawn with only 1 hits worth of HP, so let them get hit several times and just keep reviving.

Am I Playing With Bots? – Revive other players more than 5 times in single room

  • Keep on reviving the same downed player or multiple if you are playing 3-4 person coop.

Ninja – Take the new weapon 3 times in a row in the coop mode

  • Go to 3 weapon rooms in a single episode and dont pick up any weapons on one person while picking up a weapon on the other.

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