Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Guide to Issues and Fixes

This guide is the unofficial handbook to some issues of the game and how to avoid them hopefully.

How to Fix

General Bugs (Slight Spoilers)

These issues usually arise when playing the game normally, and I have noted during my own play-through as well, I will try my best to explain them and if there is any known or potential solution for them, I will expand this list over time and I do take suggestions if I can reproduce it or a video shows how it is done.

Can’t enter freddy or sometimes cant get out of freddy after doing a mission

This can be fixed by loading a new cutscene or potentially using the debug menu to change the “Gregory enter/exit freddy” value, my guess is that during some missions they don’t complete properly usually when you can’t enter freddy and it ends up not being updated until a new cutscene or this is flipped back, be warned if you are stuck in freddy if the power runs out you will immediately game over, I do not recommend saving in this state because this does not fix by reloading saves.

Sun and Moon daycare bugs

Sun and mood bugs happen extremely often usually the ai gets stuck ontop of one of the objects you can use as a distraction making the boss more than canon fodder as it can’t move off from its spot, this can also cause Sun to be stuck, the game is still possible to progress but it’s laughably easy, you can get stuck inside a softlock if sun gets stuck on a object while carrying you back.

Elevators are not safe spaces

Due to how the game handles elevators, they do not actually unload until about 50-75% of the way of the song, which is when you usually get a lag spike, until then though any animatronics on that are chasing you can and will grab you through the shaft, I recommend hugging the opposite end of elevator while waiting for it to load to minimalize this, enemies like moon especially like to cheat people in elevators, not sure why the game likes to load everything immediately at once too, that explains why the game tanks down for a second when loading new areas as well, you can even call freddy and hear him on the other side.

Recharge station bugs

Getting in a recharge station is fine in of itself, but if you notice it can take a second for it to fill freddys charge, do NOT get in it a second time until the charge is filled, you can softlock your current save because you cannot get out of freddy in this state you may be able to fix it though if you follow the above advice for not being able to enter/leave freddy, also there is a bit of a visual bug if you enter a recharge station from any angle but the front, but this is mostly visually and will not cause the game to softlock you inside freddy, very rarely though not sure what causes it but freddys charge can glitch and not run out.

Saving is borked

Saving in this game, is a bit funky I’ve noticed that alot of the times some things are skipped over completely which can be used as a bit of a cheap tactic to get rid of pesky bots, simply save over a scene reload the save and most if not all the npcs will be reset or sometimes straightup deleted, very useful in situations where the game has scripted more ai to go after you but it does make it a bit too easy, this could explain also why that when you deload a area or load a save file sometimes objects from already completed missions will re-appear.

Reloading areas by going through invisible checkpoints (major lagspike areas) can be exploited

You can use the unloading functionality similar to the saving bug, simply go through a checkpoint and have the area unload (usually indicated by a huge amount of lag for a second) then re-enter, anything that is not usually in that room (say quest specific events) will immediately deload, making the situation way more easier, this can be used to basically say “screw off” to the extra ai.

Standing on ground or objects higher than an ai can make you immune to being seen

Getting chased by chica? jump ontop of a table or a elevated piece of ground that you can reach by jumping, the ai does not know what to do in this situation and alot of the times can’t even see you so it gives up the chase, do note if an ai is infront of you can still be grabbed as there is no checks for when a ai can’t see a player it is a instant gameover once you are infront of any ai in this game.

Lost and found can cause some issues

It’s okay if you get grabbed and sent to lost and found, but be warned if you go back into that area naturally there is a chance the trigger will still exist, forcing a instant autosave and can bug out freddy from being used, I haven’t experimented much in order to fix this but it can make it so freddy can’t be called, you can use the deload ability mentioned above to get away from the ai chasing you, usually using that elevator in the back to reach the other part of the building.

Sometimes missions do not complete properly

This can cause a huge ton of issues like the first one with getting in/out of freddy, it seems you can progress for the most part, but this issue may be linked to the save system not always saving everything, this can also leave triggers around the map similar to lost and found and cause more issues if you so track back to the missions location.

You can be killed inside the credits

This can occur if you press Q while in the credits with freddy accessible, the game like with the elevators does not properly unload the game itself when in credits, meaning if you press Q and get inside of freddy you will enter him and can possibly even move around albeit not knowing where you are, this means if you sit inside freddy long enough you will run out of power which will immediately begin a gameover event, cutting the music hilariously as the game turns to static.

The ai can cheat and is a bit dumb

The ai in this game is very very basic, if you get caught by a security droid ai will straight up teleport right onto you, freddy is included in this, if you press Q with the fazwatch to call him he can open any doors and immediately shuts them behind him, suggesting that secretly this whole time freddy could’ve made your life easier and he just wants to watch you suffer, he can also just teleport behind you when called, also you can immediately lose any ai that was tracking you by jumping in freddy, they just completely forget about you the moment you enter him, however mr moon can actually kill you while in freddy he most of the time keeps a distance unless you are near him for a long time, he has flung himself at me while in freddy in my playthroughs immediately causing a game over.

You can’t stop my ability to save!

You can regain the ability to save after getting to the exit, by going to places like the raceway and picking up the head for the driver assistant, seems to have no effect on the game, it just sets your hour back to before 6:00 internally which re-enables saving, this bug is most likely possible due to the save system in the game not properly saving missions/states.

“Goodbye world!”

While getting into freddy, jump as you press enter, if done right the game will immediately deload EVERYTHING and you will be in a black void.

Extreme amounts of popin/lag

The game is currently heavilly performant, even on my 3070 it will tank down with lag now and then usually when loading into an area, or alot of pop-in for now I recommend turning off any of the raytracing. Unfortunately the pop-in has no known fix right now you just have to deal with objects just dissapearing sometimes infront of your eyes.

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  1. bro none of the recharge stations will let me recharge freddy. like it won’t let me inside at all

  2. i have a problem. after i destroy chica, there is a bit where i turn on a generater and it kills me. when i respawn in that area, it respawns me in an object, proventing me from moving.

  3. Okay I got a bug were I got the party pass I got the achievement and all but it hasn’t shown up in my inventory and I refuse to restart so can someone help

  4. I’m playing fnaf security breach and Im calling Freddy but he doesn’t come and when I found him in a room I can get in. And out I just can’t call him not sure why it’s doing this

  5. I have accidentally done the “Goodbye world!” glitch so many times, I didn’t even realize it was because I kept pressing the jump button XD

  6. another funny thing you can do is summon freddy as you start the elevator ride so when you are in the new area he just stands there staring at you.

  7. Spoilers*** I have to get Roxy’s eyes, but I cannot get into the track because after the cutscene I was still standing next to the robot with the kart. I don’t know what to do and I really don’t want to have to start the game over.

  8. is their a wy to fix the glitch to the chica elevator door when you are going up to chicas room to get the first party pass after you do the power upgrade for freddy because i am physically not able to progress in my first game save

    • Only Roxy’s elevator works, so you have to use that one. Then go back to Freddy’s room, and climb through the vent that you climbed through at the beginning of the game. You now have the screwdriver from the Lost and Found area, so you can unscrew the vent to Chica’s room, and get inside that way. That is how you’re supposed to do it.

      • Any fix for this one – unable to crouch any more. Have tried loading from a previous save as well but no luck, have to get in to chicas Green room but can’t get through the vent as can’t crouch anymore

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