The Darkest Tales – Charged Heavy Attack Guide

Please note: All credit goes to 234thewolf!

A guide to completing the time trial in the Madness that unlocks the Charged Heavy Attack.

Guide to Charged Heavy Attack

Completing the Time Trial

In the past couple of months I’ve noticed a lot of people get stuck in the tutorial room in the Madness where you are first taught how to use the Charged Heavy Attack feature and I’d like to help people better understand how to get through this sequence.

First, you need to attack the miniboss a few times, this step is only required for this tutorial not for other times this creature appears. You’ll find that regular Light and Heavy attacks do not damage this creature.

After you’ve attacked it a few times the game will enter a slow mode for a time trial. You need to start holding your Heavy Attack button (for me it’s “K” but whatever your button would be will be displayed in the sequence). A glowing line will appear near where your weapon is held, hold the Heavy Attack button until that line depletes and a brighter second line appears. Once that second line appears release the Heavy Attack button and you will kill the miniboss. This is a scripted sequence so even if you manage to avoid the attack from the miniboss you will still die, the only way to progress is by completing the time trial.

To accompany this explanation I also have a video of myself completing this sequence. I had one of the worst starts as I was very high off the ground and it took up a lot of time before I was able to start charging the attack. If you stay on the ground you should have more than enough time to charge and release the attack.

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