Sailing Era – Shipbuilding Optional Material Tencency Guide

This guide is to list which trading goods provide the best stat boost to your ship where you’re building one. There’s no numerical indicator on how much exactly each stats were boosted so I’ll be ranking them through trial and error (and at lot of eye-balling).

Guide to Shipbuilding Optional Material Tencency

All credit goes to NullEffect404!


This list will only list golden items, due of my observation that everything else that is not expensive or region specific are pretty much useless. Also, purple stars doesn’t seems to affect the stat directly, but from what I’ve read it may affect the abilities generated from the goods.

Note: As of now I’ve only tested goods from Europe and Africa as they are easy to obtain from my location. I will update the rest when I have the time, hopefully I can find more goods that affect explore stat.


  1. Damascus Knife
  2. Firearm
  3. Brandy
  4. Port Wine
  5. Sherry
  6. Whiskey


  1. Cheese


  1. Velvet/Rhino Horn
  2. Oil Painting/Glass Artware/Ancient Fine Art
  3. Lace/Turkish Rug/Golden Artware
  4. Blue Procelain/Marble
  5. Soap
  6. Chamomile/Myrrh/Papyrus
  7. Glass Ball


These goods add stats to all three categories, but they won’t be as powerful as the rest listed above.

  1. Emerald
  2. Desert Rose/Argan Oil/Egyptian
  3. Frankicense/Rosemary
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  1. Lopburi in Thailand has the best ship building material, ruby. It grants all three traits with medium buff

  2. A little info for trade. Blue and White Porcelain from Hangzhou/China is more than double trade value than Rhino Horn.

  3. Important note if you’re going to setup in Europe. Go to Calicut and get the Ruby permit, then if you setup a max level guild in Seville the upgraded fleet distance will let you get Rubies from Calicut with trading.

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