The Doll’s Window – Major Puzzle Walkthrough

An official guide to major puzzles in the game, The Doll’s Window. However, due to the nature of walkthroughs, there are some spoilers. Please read at your discretion.

Complete Major Puzzle Walkthrough

The Circus Area

  1. Go to the second floor and move left until you reach the stage.
  2. Stand on the stage seat to watch the show.
  3. After watching the show, go left and enter the house.
  4. Push the purple mirror.

Pink Area

  1. Enter the door on the right and grab the key.
  2. Unlock the other door.
  3. Grab the blue teddy bear in the room.
  4. Unlock the door with the blue teddy bear.
  5. Avoid the monster on the bridge by moving downwards and reentering the pink area.
  6. Enter the bridge again.

Moon Puzzle Area

  1. Interact with the bookcase second to the left.
  2. Then interact with the bookcase on the bottom.
  3. Grab the match and interact with the moon.
  4. Enter the door once it’s opened.
  5. In the hall, enter the door second from the right.
  6. Once in the room, interact with the pink rabbit mask.
  7. Get out of the room and back to the hall.

Clock Area

  1. Interact with the masks inside each room in the correct order:
    • Left, Up, Down, Right
  2. Grab the key and unlock the room at the bottom.

Candy Area

  1. Go straight down to the direction the cat’s facing.
    • Grab the toffee.
  2. Move to the right and interact with the heart on the ground.
  3. Grab the Kolacky in the maze and dodge monsters.
  4. Once in Elma’s room, interact with the bookcase furthest on the left.
  5. Interact with the picture of a woman on the right, next to the bed.
  6. Leave the room and go straight down and left until you find ???
    • Once ??? is found, interact with the wall right next to the bookcase.
  7. Enter the chocolate door and grab the Large Kolacky.
  8. Give the Large Kolacky to the cat.

Mask Area

  1. Interact with the bookcase furthest to the right.
  2. Go into the door in the middle, and grab the key.
  3. Solve the magic word puzzle
    • The answer is: Eyes
  4. Go to the left hall.
    • Enter the door on the left.
    • Interact with the book on the ground.
    • Enter the hole and search for a key.
      • The key is located in the top middle.
  5. Go back to the left hall and enter the middle door.
    • Interact with the book on the ground.
    • Interact with the doll second from the right.
  6. Enter the door on the right.
    • Interact with the book on the ground.
  7. Go towards the gray stairs.

Meat Area

  1. Enter the right hall.
  2. Turn right and interact with the door to solve the lucky number puzzle.
    • The answer to the lucky number puzzle is: 666
  3. After solving the lucky number puzzle, go straight down the hall to enter the main hall.
    • On the main hall, turn left to enter another hall(with a yellow face on the wall).
    • Enter the door, and grab the first candle.
  4. Go to the bridge that connects the meat area to the mask area, and grab the second candle.
  5. Enter the 666 room, go right and grab the candle inside the eye.
  6. Interact with the heart in the 666 room to get the candle.
  7. Interact with the small uncanny faces on the wall in the following order:
    • Purple, gray, green, pink, yellow, red
    • Then interact with the large uncanny face and get the candle.
  8. Enter the 666 room, go left, and interact with the book on the ground.
    • Push aside the skulls on the floor and grab the match.
    • Stand on the edge of the star to put down and light the candles.
  9. Go left and down from the ritual room.
  10. Grab the apple.
  11. Give the apple to the mouth.

Dollhouse Area

  1. Enter the door.
  2. Go upstairs and grab a piece of nothing.
  3. Go back to the room, and move a piece of nothing until it matches the discolored spot on the ground.
    • Stand on the right side of the piece of nothing, and move it to the left.
    • Then stand on the left side of the piece of nothing, and move it to the right(so it’s on top of the discolored spot) again.
  4. Open the door
  5. Enter the new hall after avoiding the dolls chasing you.
  6. Go right to enter the right hall, then enter the bottom room.
    • Go down four steps and turn left.
    • Go 2 steps more, and press interact.
  7. Enter the right door in the new hall.
  8. Open the blue door and go inside a room full of beds.
    • Interact with the beds until a key appears on the dark bed.
  9. Use the key and unlock the door in the right hall.

Abandoned Dolls Area

  1. Enter the area filled with discarded dolls.
  2. Go upwards, and interact with the bookcase in the middle.
  3. Go downwards, back to the area with discarded dolls.
  4. Go left.
  5. Grab the key from the left room.

Mother Area

  1. In the central hall shaped like a cross, enter the door in the middle.
    • Interact with the bookcase.
  2. Stand on the alphabet in this order(based on its location):
    • Top, Left, Right, Down
    • Standing on the alphabet would transport you to a room.
    • Interact with the flies on the wall in the respective order.
  3. Grab the key from the last room with the flies.
  4. Transport back to the central hall, and go right.
  5. Grab Pain from the ground.

Purple Area (Play as Elma)

  1. Go left
  2. Pass by the hall covered with eyes.
  3. Pass the central hall and go left to the left hall.
  4. In the left hall, interact with the stain on the wall.
  5. In the central hall, enter through the door on the left.
    • Go up and interact with the hole in the wall.
    • Solve the eye puzzle where the correct order is(from the left):
      • Don’t press, Press, Press, Press, Don’t Press, Press
    • Go upwards, and grab the eye on the ground.
  6. Interact with the cat.
  7. Interact with the chocolate bunny on the left hall.
  8. Go to the central hall and enter the right door.
  9. Grab the eye on the ground.

Closed Outdoors Area

Please refer to The Doll’s Window announcement.

Purple Area (Play as Alva)

  1. Enter the right door at the central hall.
    • Go straight down then left, and grab the Green shoe.
  2. Go to the central hall, and enter through the left door.
    • Grab the Orange shoe located in the upper left corner of the maze.
  3. Go to the left hall and interact with the eye.
    • Once the eye gives the passage, enter.
    • Then enter the door on the upper side.
    • Grab the blood shoe.
  4. Interact with the NPC guarding the door.

Final Area

Go straight right and up to progress towards the end.

Written by ujumiru

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  1. To do Closed Outdoors Area, enter in flowers and window key room and go to the high of the flower row, count four since first flower you step on to the right, two down and five right until you arrive at flowers hall (where you can move freely). Then take the key and, going back to the initial place on the top side of the flower “box”, move two steps to left, five down, one left, two down and seven left. Then you will appear at glass house, where you have to enter at windows room, open windows if it´s necessary, return back and enter again to find someting at the wall (I´m trying to remember). Go out taking care of the bunnies, put down the stepping cloud at the path and continue your adventure.

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