The Elephant Collection – All Hidden Codes List (Spoilers)

House Code Secret (Spoilers)

Codes that you get just by beating games (Might have to beat on the hardest difficulty)

  • Elephant Rave – 180487
  • Achievement Unlocked – 632423
  • This Is The Only Level – 564310
  • Run Elephant Run – 396452
  • Achievement Unlocked 2 – 050189
  • Obey The Game – 206080

Codes that are slightly hidden

  • This Is The Only Level 2 – 140711

Location: Flashes briefly after hitting the button in Stage 31, accessible by breaking out of the menu and jumping up at the bottom right of the screen.

  • Elephant Quest – 246810

Location: Cave painting in cave area.

  • Achievement Unlocked 3 – 150284

Location: On stats screen in the stat room, top right.

  • This Is The Only Level 3 – 260986

Location: Scrolling vertically during rave level.

These codes are entered on your keyboard, anywhere in the hub. After each successful one the elephant will hop and do a confirmation squeak.

Reward for entering every code is On the middle floors of the hub, your sprite turns into a blue hamster. This seems like all, you turn back into an elephant when entering games (at least with the games I tried to enter).

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