The Ghost Train – 100% Full Walkthrough Guide (with Achievements)

Non-spoiler-free walkthrough along with achievements guide.

Complete Walkthrough


There are 5 achievements in total, you can only get 4 achievements at most in a single playthrough. So a second playthrough is needed to get the other achievement if you are a completionist.

Green Cicadas

  • Give 3 green cicadas.

Unmissable one, this will unlocked as you progress throughout the story.

Echoic memory

  • Get off at the right station

There will be choices of train stations to get off, this will unlocked once you choose the right one.


  • Call home

You will be required to find a payphone, this will unlocked if you choose to call Home.


  • Survive the chase


  • Get killed by the girl.

Pretty self-explanatory.

Day 1

  • Go to the bathroom.
  • Get a drink from the vending machine.
  • Smoke in the break room.
  • Get on the train.
  • Take a seat in the 2nd train.
  • Go to the next train until you find a man with a bug cage and talk to him.
  • Find 3 cicadas. You can find them :
    1. In the same train as the man with a bug cage (5th train), on the door.
    2. In the 3rd train, on the metal bar above your head level.
    3. In the same train as the woman earlier (2nd train), on the grab handle.
      You can refer to the images below to locate them.
  • Give them all back to the man with a bug cage.
  • During this, you should already get the Green Cicada achievement.
  • Talk to the conductor.

Day 2

  • Go to the bathroom.
  • Get a drink from the vending machine.
  • Smoke in the break room.
  • Get on the train.
  • Talk to the woman in the 2nd train.
  • Go and take a seat.
  • Talk to the woman again
  • Talk to the little girl.
  • Talk to every man in the next trains.
  • Follow the little girl.

Day 3

  • Go to the bathroom.
  • Get a drink from the vending machine.
  • Smoke in the break room.
  • Get on the train.
  • Go to the second train and you will find 3 black bags on your favourite seat.
  • Take a seat somewhere else in the same train.
  • Go to the conductor’s train.
  • Go back to the 2nd train to find another woman.
  • For this part, you will need to go to every trains to hear the sounds. They are actually different sounds for every playthrough so you will need to figure this out on your own. The sounds can be heard clearer near the doors and you can just stand there for a moment to identify.
  • Talk again to the woman.
  • Talk to the old man in the 4th train.
  • Wait for the train to stop and get off at the 3rd station. This will unlock the Echoic Memory achievement.

Day 4

  • Try to go through the ticket barrier.
  • Go around the back to the ticket machine which apparently located at the edge of the earth.
  • Go back down to the train track.
  • You will notice the lights will start flickering and as you get closer, you will see a mysterious lady at the top of the escalator.
  • Get on the train.
  • Take a seat at the usual spot.
  • Go into the conductor’s train and try to operate the train. You will stuck here for a while and you will notice the train is speeding off and hit something.
  • Go out and look for these items :
    1. Red Windmill Toy on the window in the 4th train.
    2. Cane in the 3rd train hanging on the grab handles in the 3rd train.
    3. Beer on the floor in the 2nd train.
    4. Shoes in between the seats in the 1st train.
    5. Bug cage on the floor in the 5th train.
  • Put these items on the seat across the window reflections, according to the person in it.
  • Go to the door at the beginning of the 1st train. This is where you choose to get achievement Survive or Dead. These achievements do not affect the story.
    • Survive : Take a safe distance and open the door. When the ominous sound starts, run to the 5th train and there will be an opened door for you to escape. In the meantime, you can see the ghost crawling on the floor trying to chase you.
    • Dead : Open the door and just let the ghost gets you.
  • You will arrived at Kisaragi Station, go talk to the old man.
  • There will be a payphone along the side of the track and use it to call Home. This will unlock the Home achievement. Otherwise, you will get ‘Lost In The Station’ ending.
  • Follow the track until you see a car with headlights on.
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