The Jackbox Party Pack 5 – 100% Achievements Guide

Mad Verse City

Beat Gene

3 players required:

You must have an odd number of players in order for the Gene bot to join your game. This is a very easy achievement. Just avoid voting for Gene’s raps at any point during the game in order to keep all the human/tab players ahead of him. As long as Gene loses at the end of the game, the achievement should unlock.

Destroy Jackbox

3 players required:

You may have to restart a few times before it appears on your options menu, but after you’re done writing your disses, your interaction menu will have a few buttons on it that allow you to interact with the waiting screen. Simply wait for the one that says ‘Destroy Jackbox Headquarters’ and press it to unlock the achievement.


4 players required:

The best way to get this is by having your friends/other tabs vote only for your answers during a battle you’re apart of. If you get the maximum amount of points by the end, then you should have well over a million dollars. I would do this with four players, as there is no guarantee that the Gene bot will vote your answer if you have an odd amount of players.

Raise the Roof

3 players required:

Whilst spectating a rap battle that you’re not apart of, you can press either the ‘Fire’ or ‘Boo’ button to express your opinion about the participants’ verses. Simply spam the ‘Fire’ button until the Cheer Meter reaches its maximum potential, and the achievement will pop.

Patently Stupid


3 players required:

After all of the inventions have been showcased, you will be given tokens that you can award to your favourite inventions. To get this achievement, you must fund three different inventions that then all end up meeting their funding goal. Keep in mind, you don’t have to do this in one go, as there is another round of funding towards the end of the game.

Invention’s a Mother

8 players required:

With eight players/tabs, after the show and tell period when everyone is funding their favourite inventions, simply have nobody give you any of their tokens and the achievement will unlock.

Lovin’ An Innovator

4 players required:

This is best done with 4 players, as there is no guarantee that Gene will award you his big chip. During the funding phase, have all of the other players vote for your invention first (which awards you with their big chip). If you get all of the big chips, you will earn this achievement.

Mean Gene

3 players required:

This can only be done with 3 players.The Gene bot will be added in to make the game last longer. To win, simply have all of the human/tabs give Gene as much funding on his inventions throughout the two rounds as possible, and if the game ends with Gene victorious, you will get this achievement.

Split The Room

Audience Victim, Super Splitter & Naysayers

4 players + 1 audience member required:

Play with 4 players and an audience member. For the Audience Victim Achievement, the match must end with the audience as the winner. You can accomplish this by always making sure to have a split vote whilst answering the audience prompts (e.g: Put 2 players on ‘Yes’, and the other 2 on ‘No ). When voting on non-audience prompts, make sure to vote either all the way ‘Yes’ or all the way ‘No’. You can snag the Naysayer Achievement by making everyone vote ‘No’ on your prompt. If the audience has won at the end of the game, you will be awarded the achievement.

Mind Reader

3 players required:

This can also be accomplished in the same go as the other three achievements, but for the sake of a less confusing guide, I’ve seperated it. During the final round in which all players answer the same few questions, you will be asked to guess what someone will pick when faced with your prompt. If you guess correctly, you will be awarded the achievement.

You Don’t Know Jack: Full Stream

Cracker Jack Attacker

2 players recommended:

This is the most challenging achievement in the pack by far. It is recommended to do this with 2 players. It’s a little confusing to relay over text, so I’ll let this video by VidGamiacUnlocked do the speaking.

Cliff notes: Have one player be the guinea pig and test each answer to see which ones are correct/incorrect, and have the other player pick only the correct ones. Be sure to pause between each answer in order to also make sure you’re getting the speed bonus.

First Time for Everything & Everybody Gets Some

8 players + 1 audience member required:

Start up a game of YDKJ with 8 players/tabs and an audience member. Upon starting the game, you will immediately be awarded the First Time for Everything Achievement for playing a game with more than five players. For ‘Everybody Gets Some’, you’ll have to pick a player that gets to screw everyone else. For the questions, I recommend Google Searching in order to ensure you have the right answer. Now, answer that question correctly for all players (including the audience) except for the one who will be doing the screwing. Rinse and repeat until you get to Round 2. The player with the lowest score (the screwer) will be awarded a Screw. Now, as soon as you get to Question 6, use the Screw immediately. At last, you’ll be awarded the achievement.

First Time for Everything & Everybody Gets Some

1 player + 5 audience members required:

Start up a game with any number of human/regular players, and five audience members. Simply have all of the audience members fumble the answer and the achievement is as good as yours.

Zeeple Dome

Alien Baby Steps

1 player required:

This is probably the easiest achievement in the pack. Load up a game of Zeeple Dome by yourself, and this will unlock upon killing your first enemy (which can be done by flinging yourself towards them).

Goopledorps & Tossed in Space

1 player required:

Still playing with one player, continue in the same match as the ‘Alien Baby Steps’ Achievement. You will have to win and survive 12 different rounds to unlock both of these achievements. Each “Gauntlet” is made up of four rounds. The Goopledorps Achievement will unlock upon completing the first Gauntlet, and ‘Tossed in Space’ will unlock upon finishing all three Gauntlets. It may seem challenging at first, but once you get used to the controls, it’s just a matter of avoiding danger, and making sure to fling yourself through health packs when you get them. Play stealthily and take your time in order to avoid unnecessary damage and clear the stages as efficiently as possible.

Life Saver

2 players required:

Now with two players (either a friend or second tab), have one of the players intentionally take damage (running into bombs/enemies, etc.) until they are knocked out. Then, have the other player fling themselves into you in order to revive you. The achievement will unlock once the second player is back in the game.

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