Placid Plastic Duck Simulator – Achievements / Trophies Guide + DLC’s

But if you just want to see how hard it is to 100% the game’s achievements, this post will discuss them and how to obtain each of them. Keep in mind, all of the achievements can be done by just idling for a couple of hours.

Base Game Achievements / Trophies

Duck Collection

Three is company

  • Get 3 ducks

Duck invasion

  • Get 20 ducks

That’s all ducks

  • Get all the unique ducks

Event Based

Make a wish

  • A shooting star will fall during the night

Cruise ship

  • A cruise ship will appear along the coast

Putting challenge

  • A golf ball will appear in your world

Catch a flight

  • A plane will appear in the sky

Ducks adrift

  • Many ducks will appear in the ocean


  • Aliens will beam your world

Duck Action-Based

Private pool

  • Have a duck enter the smaller pool through the slide


  • Have a duck get sucked through the pipe from the smaller pool

Way to the shore

  • Have a duck leave the main area completely and drift far away in the ocean

Duck Specific

Family pond

  • Have a momma duck spawn with its 3 baby ducklings

On fire

  • Have a serpent/gator duck spawn and spew fire on another flammable duck (wood/plaid)

Watery help

  • Have a fireman duck extinguish a duck that is on fire

DLC Achievements / Trophies

FAQ with Tips

Where to find the Digital Supporter Duck content?

Unlike other DLC, this content is not available in-game, but in the directory where the game is installed. Usually that is under:

  • Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Placid Plastic Duck Simulator

There you will find a Digital Supporter Duck file with a zip file inside of it.

Why don’t the DLC ducks spawn in your save after you bought it?

As of the update you may now add new duck packs to existing saves using the ,,+duck” icon.

Multiplayer FAQ

  • Infinity Cool map ONLY
  • The Door is locked
  • Special Ducks are not in MP
  • Max 7 friends (you + 7 friends = 8)
  • You MUST have the dlc of the lobby you wish to join
  • If you disable names, you still see player names
  • Collection names are reset for multiplayer only
  • Refresh button might not re-appear when looking for public lobbies.
  • Emotes can be used in the chairs.
  • Achievements can be earned in multiplayer

Older room codes with x / xx / xxx can not be joined privately. (Example: Sniper40-1)

Game broken / No ducks / Spawns not working

Please go through these basic troubleshooting steps first:

  • Restart the game
  • Restart your device
  • (PC only) Verify your game files
    • Steam: right-click on the game in the library -> Properties -> Installed Files -> click the “Verify integrity of the game files”
    • Epic: press library, filter title “Placid Plastic Duck Simulator”, once the game shows, press the 3 dots then click on “verify” at the top
  • Un- and reinstall the game (make sure to make a backup of your saves if you don’t have one! – if e.g. Steam Cloud is enabled you don’t have to worry about this)
    • C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Turbolento Games\Placid Plastic Duck Simulator You can copy the entire folder.

Broken Firequackers Trophy on PlayStation

While playing on Infinity Cool the fuse of the rocket duck gets lit, but once it takes off it doesn’t make fireworks and the achievement doesn’t pop up. Possible way of getting it to work: Quacking the Ice.

Are your ducks flying or bouncing?

This is a known issue on all platforms and generally caused by one of the following:

  • Latency in multiplayer
  • Low frames in singleplayer
  • Spamming the P key and taking lots of screenshots.
  • Alt-tabbing in and out of the game

Happens in all location and both singleplayer and multiplayer sessions.

Special ducks explained

Special ducks are unlocked for your collection when their criteria is met. These ducks do not load in with all the other ducks when you load a save. They are also not in every pool, only the pools where you unlocked them.

  • Special Duck from “So Many Ducks” DLC is exempt from this behaviour.

Unlocking event ducks

If you missed the christmas or birthday event ducks, fear not as you can still get them by joining a multiplayer lobby that has them in the pool.

Water Vanishes

Case 1: This comes from switching to a sitting spot from the stone duck under water using “E”, not another duck.

Case 2: From viewing while on a duck in the private pool.

Case 3: Returning from the room to a duck in the private pool, creates the water disappearing act.

  • Tab to a duck under the water.
  • Get the water to vanish at the correct angle.
  • Hit “E” to switch to the chair.
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