The Perfect Tower II – Ore Refining Tip

How the Refining in the Factory Works

The type of ore you put in doesn’t matter, just the amount, so just select all of them. The number you type in the box is not the number of nuggets you will receive, but how many ores will be refined. When the number is high enough, it will show you how many nuggets you will receive.

Future Tip: Until you unlock the ability to use Workers, this feature will help immensely later when you have access to using workers, it’ll make working in the factory a lot easier

Ore Refining with Workers

It’s far much easier to assign a worker to which ore(s) you want, this will be more efficient than manually inserting resources yourself as you’d needlessly be adding way more than needed, increasing time more than you need

When assigning a worker to refine the ores for you, which ever ore you want, the worker automatically uses the least amount of resources to achieve said refining process which also needs the least amount of time to obtain said ore

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