The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe – Fun Secrets

Fun Secrets

Setting the Time

The first two times you boot the game, you’re asked to set the clock. Don’t be lazy. Set the clock.

After the second time, the game commends you for actually taking the time to set the clock instead of just leaving it at the default. It then tells you to set it to your favorite time as a reward next time you open the game.

On the third time, after setting the clock, it asks if you set it to your favorite time or just couldn’t resist setting it accurately again. It then gives you a slider to assess how accurate the time was.

On the fourth time, the game will give you a bunch of fun sliders and yes/no questions as a reward! Yay!

The Broom Closet

At the 2 doors, take the door on the left. After exiting the meeting room, enter into the broom closet.


The narrator will eventually wait for a new player to take over from you because he thinks you’re dead. After this happens, you will want to leave the room and go back in.

If you keep going into the closet on repeat runs, it will eventually be boarded up.

With the Bucket

Not gonna spoil this one, it’s too much fun. But I’ll just say it involves stickers.

Bizarre Starts

  • Vent Access (found during the New Content ending).
  • No visual changes, but instead of the normal music/quiet ambience, it’s storming outside. The Narrator comments on the weather. (It’s unconfirmed whether (hehe very punny) or not this affects the Out of Bounds ending).
  • Straight Hallway to 2 Doors Room.
  • Blue Office.
  • The Whiteboard Ending can be found here.
  • Paper Everywhere.
  • Extra Offices + Blue Hallway (there’s an extra set of offices before you get to the 2 doors).
  • The 2 Doors room is usually at the end of this hallway.
  • Instead it leads to a blue hallway, which then turns into the 2 Doors Room.
  • Hallway Turns Left Instead of Right.
  • The End Is Never The End Is Never The End….
  • Reassurance Buckets? No. Happiness Boxes.
  • Only caused by answering the box phone call.

Phone Calls:

The phone on Employee No. 434’s desk will be ringing. If you interact with it, you’ll get one of a few messages:

  • One tells you about the danger of recorded messages.
  • Another is from a woman asking Stanley to pick up a few groceries on the way home from work.
  • One is a call from a company offering to send you quite a lot of boxes (1327 boxes, to be exact). When she asks you to confirm the shipment, interact with the phone again. Doing this will prompt.
  • (Only achievable when holding the bucket) A woman calls telling Stanley that she has found an imposter bucket at home that she has co-opted into her own bucket.

Fun Bucket Things

  • Click Door 430 5 times achievement mentions bucket if you’re holding bucket.
  • If you put the bucket into the escape pod, it can be found in the epilogue.
  • After completing the epilogue, if you take the bucket into the New Content area, the narrator will ask you how you got it when he’s still working on it.
  • If bring the bucket to the New Content Expo and go into the Reassurance Bucket section, the Narrator will destroy both buckets.

Side note: Pretty much every dialogue and ending is changed if you have the bucket. Is everyone over at Crows, Crows, Crows okay right now… No wonder it took so long to finish this. They had to perfect the bucket-based storytelling.

Settings World Champion

After getting the Settings World Champion achievement (see another guide for how to do that, this guide is long enough already), head to the New Content Expo. Now, if you’re an oblivious idiot like me and you spend 10 mins wandering around, being very confused and wondering where the hell the door is, I have the answer for you. Remember the jump circle? Yeah, right next to that is a staircase. Take that all the way up and you’ll find it. Once you get in there, the Narrator will grant you extra special access to the Bumpscosity Slider in the settings menu.

And honestly, even if this thing didn’t do anything I’d just be happy with more sliders… I’m a sucker for sliders of all kinds (the burger and the setting option) and this is a high quality slider. However, this slider does in fact do something. It actually raises and lowers your bumpscosity which I’d say is pretty cool (also the Narrator will sometimes comment on your bumscosity setting).

Executive Bathroom Graffiti

  • I’ve got the feeling…
  • Money’s for stealing…
  • But not yours, of course!
  • Say, that’s a lovely purse
  • To be rich — is it a crime?
  • To commit crimes — isn’t it rich?
  • What a life it would be
  • to have to pick just one!!

Disco Mind Control

Go to the monitor room and call the elevator, but don’t get on. If you wait around a minute (I didn’t time it), the gates behind you will unlock. Return to the first button (the light bulb one) and click it.

The Whiteboard Ending

This technically isn’t an ending, so it’s going under “Fun Secrets” instead.

This secret can only be accessed when you start in the Blue Office (this happens entirely randomly so just restart until you get it). Once you’ve started in the blue office variant, go to Office No. 426 and open the door. Ta-da! You’ve gotten the Whiteboard Ending!

Dog Mode

In the bottom-right corner of the whiteboard there’s a checkbox labeled “dog mode” with a little drawing of a dog (adorable, I know). If you interact with it, your interaction sounds will be changed from a keyboard noise to a dog bark.

10/10: Perfect Game.


  • You can trigger some dialogue by closing the doors on both ends of the hallway containing Office No. 417
  • In the epilogue, one of the “Talk” buttons says Stanley instead of Jim
  • In the monitor room, you can actually get yourself stuck on the catwalk between the first and second buttons by pressing the second button and quickly backing up. It doesn’t do anything, but it’s still kinda fun
  • If you get to the secret elevator in the boss’s office enough times, the Narrator will open it for you right away (it also seemingly makes the elevator trip shorter, but I could be wrong).

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  1. Don’t know how relavant this is but one of the buttons in the epilogue, the ones that say your name instead of saying Jim says Stanley instead, and will continue to do so if you press it more. Havent seen any other interactions with it as far as im aware.

  2. I have info! There is a third newspaper. When I was playing on switch (Speedrunning all endings because I had free time), I made the cat/dog not friends, yet also not enemies, and it says something like they co-exist.

  3. Creepy Dude – Can confirm – I saw him when you’re going up and down the elevator behind the office. The final time when it takes you up to the press conference, you’ll pass a floor with red lights where one of the vans is sitting in an open bay door, and there’s a dude standing beside it.

  4. There is some more to the “bizarre starts”:
    – Sometimes, a different music plays. (not weather related)
    – Sometimes, a guy walks behind the right window at the second office.
    – Sometimes, there is a rope barrier at the back of the second office.

  5. If you input “3333” on the keypad after having done the 3 ending, you get a bonus bit of Narrator dialog.

  6. Great collection of secrets and endings!
    Concerning the bucket, it’s worth replaying pretty much any ending with the bucket, they almost all have at the very least dialogue changes if not an entirely different ending to start with. There are 3 endings though that I couldn’t reach with a bucket yet, is it actually possible to any of those?

    – Safe and Sound: The issue is that in order to get the bucket you need to leave the office 427, and it closes behind you before you reach the bucket. So I doubt it’s possible to get an alternate to this one.
    – Button Heaven: Given the final input is in office 427, this has the same issue as Safe and Sound.
    – The Memory Palace (Time skip ending): So far I didn’t manage to get into it yet with the bucket (as you only get the bucket after completing it), but might be possible to get there with a bucket after the epilogue maybe. Unless the epilogue itself counts as the alternate version of that.

  7. Just got a phone call about a delivery of 1k boxes or smt like that (you can interact with it again to confirm the delivery)… next restart the whole office is full of them and the phone is ringing again (cant reach it due to the boxes). Idk if u already have it or if someone already posted but ill leave it here just in case 🙂

  8. If you bring the bucket to the phone in the first office, it will also play another message about leaving your bucket at home

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