The Troop – Spotting Tips

Some tips for revealing the enemy and you.

Tips for Spotting

  • Any unit in or passing through CLEAR line of sight (LOS) from an enemy unit will be revealed.
  • Any unit firing or executing any other form of attack action (with the exception of mortars) will be revealed, even if out of LOS of all enemy units.
  • All units have a “sight range”. This is the distance at which they will spot and reveal an enemy unit through a PARTIALLY obscured LOS (e.g. partial cover). “Conspicuous” units like tanks and other large vehicles will be spotted at triple sight range if they move more than 1 tile in a turn. Closing hatches on a tank generally reduces sight range to almost nothing.
  • Units inside buildings and dense woodland (with ground foliage) will only be spotted by infantry units in an adjacent tile.
  • Units in 2 storey buildings have a significant boost to spotting.

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