The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution – Tips and Tricks to Survive

Need help surviving? Things too tough for you? Well too bad but here’s some tips.

How to Survive

Ensure Your Not Picking Up Junk

Every material in the game has a use, but some are way better to make a priority to pick up.

Here’s a tier system to help you decide what to put in you bag.


  • Box Of Loot (any colour)
  • Medicine/Sterile Bandage


  • Destroyed Firearm
  • Working Firearm (OBV)
  • Candle Stick

Note: this one may sound funny, but its mat. return is bar none.

  • Toy Robot
  • Anything with Protein and Sugar (Energy Bar/Poseidon Tuna/Twinkle Toe/Cereal)
  • Keyboard/Headset


  • Firewood
  • Clock
  • Large Can of Food/Dog Food/Can of Beans
  • Skull/Box of Matches
  • Two Handed Weapon

Every other resource in the game is up to you weather you take it or not, everything has its purpose!

Change Gun Degree to Stop Breaking Your Wrist When Shooting

In settings, under game play you’ll find “gun degree” make sure to test different degrees to find one that works for you. For me a -6 degree feels and performs well.

To test: Equip a weapon in Dom. hand and hold it straight out, as if about to shoot something in front of you, then change the degree to see what feels natural.

Shoot Green Mouths, Knife Red / Normal Zombie Mouths

Do as the title states, if a zombie has a green liquid around the mouth, shoot them in the head to avoid getting a health decrease. However If a zombies mouth looks red with blood or looks clean, you can safely knife them. Make sure to use your flashlight to get a good look!

Use Whats Around You First

As title state, if you walk into a room and see a bottle, a shotgun and some enemies why use your hard scavenged and handcrafted Katana and M9 when you can feel like Ellie from the Last of us throwing bottles and yelling profanity’s at people?

Played Dying Light? Same Concept

Just like dying light, the night is something to be feared but also loved as the risk to reward ratio in this game is very heavily toward reward.

Don’t feel scared to go out there with your best gear to scavenge loot and Mats.

♥♥♥ It, Quickfire

Most important upgrade path is the one that has has the improved shoes and backpack (getting more storage asap changes the game as you upgrade much faster with extra loot )

  • If you can climb something, do it.
  • Boxes of junk usually have the most supplies per slot ratio.
  • Dont swing weapons fast, swing wide and broad to build up speed and use less stamina.
  • Leave the radio tuned to channel 47, so you get the stash tips even if you arent paying attention.

Turn Off Health and Stamina Bars

This is mostly personal preference, But the last and best tip I can give to make this game go from good to great is to go to the Settings Menu and turn off “Enable HUD”

This helps massively with immersion and a better play experience. You can always look at your watch in game to see you health and stamina.

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