The Whisperer – Basic Guide

A simple guide to The Whisperer.

Guide to Basics

Intro Sequence

Look down at the table, click on the note to read it. Pick up the cleaver.

Turn around, and advance to the house. The door is locked. Look down and to the left, there is a rock. Click on the rock to move it aside, and pick up the House Key underneath. Opening your inventory, use the key to unlock the door. Go inside.

Use the cleaver on the figure in the bed. Turn to the right, and advance to the tent in the distance.

Wait while you hear sounds from outside, and sleep.

Tent to Cave

Wake up in the tent. Read the letter immediately in front of you, then leave the tent.

Advance up the trail until you reach a tree. Continuing forward leads to a cave entrance, blocked by a fallen log. Instead, continue following the path. Advance until you reach the trading post and the cabin. The trading post is locked.

Then, you have the choice of which order you do these things.

  • Advance past the cabin. To the left is an outhouse, but the door is stuck in the snow. Advance to the abandoned Montagnais Camp. Enter the tent to the right, and pick up the tinderbox. Return to the cabin and trading post area.
  • Enter the cabin, inspect the blood stain on the table. Inspect the stove, taking out the note from inside. Turning left, investigate the cupboard above the end of the bed, and take the empty fabric pouch. At the foot of the bed, pull the lockbox out from under it. Returning to the door, take the trading post key from the hook left of the door. Exit the cabin.

Go to the trading post, use the key to unlock the door. The door to the back room is locked. Once inside, go behind the counter, inspect the rifles, and pick up the powder horn under the counter, open your inventory, and combine the powder horn and the empty fabric pouch, creating the full pouch. While behind the counter go up the ladder and take the fuse from on top of a box, open your inventory, and combine the full pouch and fuse to make the bomb. Then, use the bomb on the locked back room door, blasting it open. Go inside, inspect the blood and grab the shovel.

Exit the trading post, go past the cabin to the previously inaccessible outhouse. Use the shovel to dig the snow away from the door, and go inside. Take the unlit candle holder, open your inventory, and combine with the tinderbox to light the candle. Return to in front of the cabin, facing the side of the trading post. Advance to the side of the trading post, and use the shovel on the pile of snow under the falling slats. Crawl into the exposed space, and take the axe. Now we can access the cave.

Exit the crawl space, turn left, and backtrack down the path to the lone tree. Go to the cave entrance, and use the axe on the fallen tree. Enter the cave.

Cave to End

Once inside the cave, open your inventory, equip the candle and then take it out. Head straight until you reach a large cave with bones strewn about. Inspect any of the bones on the floor, and then advance to where the light is shining. There you will find the corpse of a man, you can inspect his hand and see a key, but do not have the item to retrieve it. Turn to the left and advance, there is the rotten body of a man on the ground with the cleaver sticking out of it. Take it, and return to the body in the patch of light. Use the cleaver on the wrist of the hand, and pick up the small key. This opens the lockbox in the cabin.

Return to the entrance of the cave and go back to the cabin. Return to the lockbox under the bed, and open it with the small key. Read the note inside. Go to the side of the bed the lockbox is under, and use the cleaver on the bed. Interact with the bloody stain.

You are now in a dark hallway. Advance down the hallway, and turn right, to the cracked open door. Turn around to the glowing white door, and interact with it. You are now on a cliff. Turn around the edge, and interact.

Watch the little timelapse, and you’re done!

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