House Flipper – How to Restore a Savegame Backup

Step by step guide that explains how you can restore a savegame from the automatical created savegame backups that the game creates, as you play.

Guide to Restore a Savegame Backup

House Flipper has in the Main Menu a option called “New Game”, if it happens to you that you accidently press it. It takes just one Auto save to lose all your previously made game progress.

Luckly House Flipper has backup savegames you can revert to.


  • This tutorial describes how to replace a savegame.
  • If you unsure on what you do, make a backup of the profile directory described in step 16. before you copy / past any data.
  • I’m also not responsible if you destroy your savegame in this process. Please be aware of what you do, and consider to make backup of your profile directory.
  • Also if you not know what you do, please do not mess with any other directory in %AppData% you may end up causing harm to your Windows profil and or system.
  • This Tutorial is considered as a “last resort” before losing your savegame progress completly.
  1. If you accidently started a new game on your savegame, and a Autosave already happened. Go back to the Main Menu.
  2. Click on your Name (above “Continue Game”). You are at the Profil Selection screen.
    Here Memorize on with profile your overwrite Savegame is (For this Tutorial we presume its Profile 1).
  3. Close the game.
  4. Open Windows Explorer, type into the address “%appdata%” without “”.
  5. You will be navigated into your Window’s account application data’s Roaming folder.
    Example: “C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming”
  6. Navigate to the Application Data Root Folder
    Example: “C:\Users\\AppData”
  7. Navigate now to “LocalLow” -> “Empyrean” -> “House Flipper Game”
    Example: “C:\Users\\AppData\LocalLow\Empyrean\House Flipper Game”
  8. Inside here the two important folders are “Profiles” and “Profiles.backup”
    Profiles Folder contains the profiles for your current savegames.
    Profiles.backup Folder contains for the Profiles backup of your savegames.
  9. To restore a backup savegame go into Profiles.backup -> The Profile Number you memorized in Step 2.
    For this example its “Profile 1”
  10. In the Profile folder you should see one or more backups. Open the Backup you wish to restore.
  11. In the Profil Backup Folder you choose are several Folders and Files
    like ArchivalSaves, CatchedTextures…, UserSaves, and four dat files.
  12. Select everything (control + A on keyboard) then copy it to your clipboard (control + c on keyboard)
  13. Navigate to the “Profiles” Folder you save in Step 8.
  14. In Profiles there should be 4 Profile Folders, Select the one you want to restore.
    In this Tutorial its Profile 1 (rember step 2.)
  15. Inside this Profile folder you should see the same File / Folder structure as in Step 11.
  16. Select everything (control + A on keyboard) and delete the files.
    Be careful, if you not 100% sure this is the right profile, deleting the files and folders will delete this profiles savegame.
    (If your unsure I highly recommend you to make a backup of the Profile’s directory before you perform the deletion.)
  17. Insert the files and folders you copied in step 12. (control + v on keyboard)
    The Copy process may take a moment depending on game progress and computer.
  18. Open the game, Steam will inform you that your local data is diffrent from the cloud. Please choose to keep your local data, for this single time.
  19. Ingame select the profile you just updated. And press “Continue Game”, the game should load you now with the progress you toke from the Profiles.backup.

If its the wrong progress, repeat the process and choose a diffrent backup.


  1. Thank you so much, this worked and I got my game back. I almost hit $3 million in that game.

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