Time Wasters – How to Beat Don’t Move Challenge

The guide explain one of the method to complete this new challenge.

Guide to Beat Don’t Move Challenge

The Ultimate Build

Luna, Raven, Corrosia. Super Plasma Planet

  • Super Static Field (Prioritize)
  • Super Rockets
  • Super Wolf Pack
  • Maxed Gold Magnet (prioritize)
  • Maxed / Overclocked Super Plasma Planet
  • Maxed / Overclocked Lightning

Note: Don’t bother picking up any other weapon types as it’ll only slow ya down (ie. slime, fireballs, plasma cannon etc). Focus purely on the ones listed above only, and reroll to avoid others if need be.

After extensive testing, this is by far & away the easiest way to beat it… in fact it’s seriously OP since it creates an impenetrable fortress around you.

The trick is to sit on Super Plasma Planet and first max out all your Gold Magnet upgrades asap. You’ll grab TONS of gold still (especially with Luna’s & Corrosia’s abilities), while receiving offensive help from the planet too…which can itself also be max upgraded throughout the run.

Coupled with a Super Static Field (very important here and prioritize these upgrades btw)…Super Wolf Packs…Super Seeking Rockets with max explosion range…it was all laughably easy.

I didn’t even lose hull once, and made short work for every single boss too. This is very much an “auto-pilot” type build which requires minimal active gameplay aside from constant upgrading. In theory, you shouldn’t need to upgrade your shields or hull even once. Therefore whenever possible, just overclock your weapons.


The reason why this particular build works so surprisingly well, centers squarely around your insane gold collecting ability. In essence, it greatly maximizes the speed at which you can ramp up the firepower quickly while always staying a big step ahead of the threat…and thus never allowing yourself the opportunity to be overwhelmed by the enemy.

So if you’re still stuck on this challenge, then try my method and you’ll have a lot of fun with it and easily unlock the achievement.

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