Tiny Rogues – How to Easily Get Thunderstruck Achievement

How to defeat Death under 25 minutes the easiest way.

Thunderstruck Achievement Guide

  1. Pick Warrior.
  2. Play agressive right from the start, position yourself to hit multiple enemies.
  3. Top priority rooms = Str, High dps weapon (range doesn’t matter as you will be in your enemies face most of the time anyway), Hearts, gold and tavern to get tippsy once you got enough hearts.
  4. Top perks – Boozer and Constitution basically makes this achievement trivial. Except for those you can go for any damage boosting peks: Close Combat, Adrenaline, Beef etc.
  5. If you like to think longer on your eq choices you can pause the game to stop the timer. With swift decision making you can easily do it under 20 minutes.

By the time you reach Death on average run you should have at least 8 hearts and about 200% dmg boost from your perks and tippsy. Even with semi-decent weapon that should be way more than enough to easily destroy death.

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