Wylde Flowers – Who Are the Fairhaven Coven? (Tips for Identification)

Who Are the Fairhaven Coven?

Some people breezed through this quest without effort, others really struggled or couldn’t figure it out at all. Some people have a fair idea who the Coven members are right from the start, while others remain baffled. As questions about this quest series come up in the discussion forums a lot, I thought I’d write a quick guide to help out anyone who’s struggling.

Zero judgement from me! I spent much of the quest giving items to random villagers to see their reactions because I thought it would be funny.

This guide has two parts:

  • The first part will point you to clues to help you figure things out by yourself.
  • The second part will give you the answers (behind spoiler tags!) if you’re unable (or unwilling) to identify everyone yourself.


As the story progresses Tara will be initiated into the Fairhaven coven. But that doesn’t mean she gets all spells and potions at once! Nope, she’s going to have to earn her place in the coven and knowledge of magic!

So begins a series of quests to identify the coven members!

Each coven member will ask Tara to make something (an incantation, a potion etc…), and Tara will need to bring it to that coven member during the day in order to prove she has figured out their secret identity.

Aside from identifying the coven and getting to know its members better, this quest series introduces a lot of new (and very useful!) game mechanics.

If you mess up and give the item to the wrong person, don’t panic, it’s no big deal. It’s marginally embarrassing and you’ll need to make a new item (which can be inconvenient) but you won’t fail the quest or get in trouble over it. Plus some of the town’s peoples’ reactions can be hilarious.

Part 1: Clues!

None of these are necessarily enough on their own, but they can help point you towards the coven members.

  1. You learn when Tara is initiated that the robes can change a person’s body shape. In Tara’s case that’s just height, but it COULD potentially disguise a coven members height, weight and body shape.
  2. The robes potentially hide body shape, but not body language, gestures, mannerisms etc… so watch how coven members move, and see if you can remember a villager moving like this.
  3. The mask distorts the sound of a person’s voice, but does not change speech patterns.
  4. Talk to coven members often. They have a few different idle pieces of dialogue, and some may hint at their personality, background or day job.
  5. It seems obvious but remember: Magic is a thing. Seeing someone outside the circle in the evening doesn’t automatically mean they’re not in the coven.
  6. The item they ask you to give them will have some connection to them. Maybe their personality, background or day job. It may not be obvious though, so don’t worry if you can’t guess from just that.
  7. You can ask them for hints. There are three hint related dialogue options and you can ask all of them, as many times as you like. They’re very vague but may hint at things like their background, personality, day job, or previous interactions with you.
  8. The game never misgenders a character. So if the journal refers to someone as she/her, then you can safely assume this person is a woman.
  9. Get to know the villagers, it’s easier to spot if they might be a coven member if you’ve talked to them often.
  10. What did Gramma Hazel think about a person?
  11. How does a villager feel about the unknown in general and the woods in particular? Are they fine with it? Afraid of it? Never mention it?
  12. How does a village feel about the consciousness centre?
  13. Coven members will have knowledge about and connections to each other that might not be apparent from their daytime personas. And may have the ability to see the future. So does this person seem to know more about you or Hazel than you might expect? Do they seem to know about things before they happen?

Part 2: Answers!

  • Quest name: See the Farseer
  • The Farseer: Shelby
  • Quest name: Which Witch is Which
  • The Adept: Amira
  • Quest name: An Uplifting Brew
  • The Journeyman: Daemon
  • Quest name: Charmed, I’m Sure
  • The Acolyte: Violet
  • Quest name: A Quick Spell Check
  • The High Priestess: Lina
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