To The Core – Number of Blocks on Each Planet

A list of how many blocks are on each planet.

Block Number List on Each Planet

The List

Here’s how many blocks are on each planet:

  • Home: 10084
  • Home moon: 3991
  • Glacies: 13107
  • Endura: 6614
  • Letum: 14189*
  • Mortem: 14640
  • Cupid: 11338
  • Vita: 13805**
  • Diamond Glaciers: 10996
  • Agaricus: 8747
  • Sun:15298
  • Supernova: 6152
  • Black Hole: 13966
  • *Letum is the planet that spawn meteors, so technically it can be alot more, however its very slow to gain more, as well as in endgame the game gets slowed down signifigantly.
  • **Vita’s creatures actually count as blocks, but i think are even slower to gather than Letum.


  1. Considering how tough black hole blocks are, i guess the best one to go for would be prestige 1 Mortem then with infinity box if you want to farm the achievement.

    Very useful to know and good job on calculating that

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